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What Is Machine Time?

The metric of machine time refers to the time spent using mechanical equipment to produce a finished product. It is also referred to as cutting edge time, and excludes time spent loading or unloading products. High values of machine time can indicate poor loading times and high rework rates. Other reasons for high machine time include low-quality installed equipment, poor maintenance practices, and inaccurate demand forecasting methods. High values of machine time may also indicate subpar production employee training and reduced customer satisfaction.

In addition to machining time, processing time measures the amount of time a cutting instrument or blade is actively removing material. For example, when a table saw blade is actively cutting a piece of material, it is calculating its time. CNC lathes have additional operating time, which measures the time the machine is in operation while the material is on the work surface. In both cases, a sewing machine with multiple stops can require a lot of time.

However, a Thornian time machine cannot exist within a general relativistic spacetime. This constraint arises from the Krasnikov theorem, which states that all a are bounded by the Lorentz signature. This constraint prevents Thornian time machines from being realized. However, this doesn’t mean that the Thornian time machine is impossible. In fact, it has proven to be feasible through the study of quantum gravity.

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