10 Steps to Increase Conversions on Your Website: Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

It is reasonable to expect a low conversion rate for every 300 people visiting your website. We’d call that a pretty good conversion rate. Conversion rates for many websites are as low as 0.1%. Each visitor has to make at least 1000 visits in order to become a buyer. How can we enhance conversions and attract more clients with the current level of traffic? Here are 10 steps to increase conversions on your website:

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Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Below you will find 10 tips that will increase conversions on your website.

Get Rid Of Irrelevant Fields On The Form

Did you ever intend to fill out an online form only to get discouraged by how many fields are required? You can use this to lower the conversion rate of your website. By removing non-essential fields from your form, you can leave only the ones that are necessary.

If your sales staff does not have all the information needed to follow up, your sign-ups may be high, but your closure rate will be awful. To maximize conversions, find the perfect balance between gathering vital lead information and keeping the number of fields as low as possible. Make sure all fields are applicable. Remove them if they aren’t.

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Pop-Ups Can Be Added To Your Site.

A survey revealed that pop-ups have an average conversion rate of 3.09 percent. Correctly applied, pop-up advertisements can achieve conversion rates of 9.28 percent, which are the top 10%. As a result of this adjustment, you will see a huge increase in your conversion rate. The technique also works on every website we have tested. To help you get a higher conversion rate, here are a few quick tips:

  • Test a few different approaches (PDFs, premium content, various freebies, etc.) until you discover one that stands out instantly.
  • Furthermore, the pop-ups are not obtrusive when they are delayed by 30 seconds.
  • Allow for easy closing of the pop-up window. Use a cookie to limit the number of times this pop-up appears per user. Several pop-up tools support this feature.
  • Adding these two features will result in dramatic conversion increases while reducing complaints to a minimum. No one will get annoyed with you, and you’ll be able to benefit from everything.

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Feature Ratings, Comments, And Client Testimonials.

A new product or service is never welcomed by everyone. You can reassure potential customers by providing them with client testimonials. Customers can feel more confident with social proof based on customer testimonials. On every key page, you display comments, ratings, or the company logo.

Allow Login Through A 3rd Party App.

More and more people are using alternative login methods. Instead of creating a new profile from scratch, a user signs in using their Gmail, Facebook, or other accounts.

Filling out a registration form is no longer required. Your conversion rate will go up right away after using this step.

Make The First Step Really Easy.

In general, human beings are more likely to complete tasks they start. Thus, you should be able to complete the offer’s first step relatively easily. Request only your email address at the beginning of the form instead of the entire form. If you would like to receive more information, you can fill out the rest of the form. The person’s email address is readily available if you don’t. Getting visitors to take action and complete the process will be easier if you make it easy for them to take the first step and follow it through.

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Guarantee A Refund.

Having clients averse to risking their money is something that entrepreneurs and business people are familiar with. Unless they can be certain they’ll get what they paid for, they won’t risk their money. An unconditional refund policy can alleviate worries and resolve objections. If you decline returns, you don’t lose all of your sales.

You can boost your conversion rate by offering money-back guarantees in addition to any other marketing technique. Money-back guarantees also establish trust among buyers.

Pay-When-You-Buy Add-Ons Are A Good Idea.

Conversion rates are not affected, but income is raised without affecting your current funnel. Right before the customer completes the purchase, you can add another product or service similar to the one the customer has chosen.

Cross-Selling Is Also Recommended

By adding a cross-sell strategy, you will see a 10% to 20% rise in average order value. Attempt to cross-sell at each important stage of the purchasing process. In just seconds, one offer can do nothing to improve your average order value, but another can.

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Use A Counting-Down Clock

It is perfectly natural to feel anxious as time is running out. This is why, on your landing page, a countdown timer might be just the thing you need to leverage this emotion. In a study, researchers found that adding a countdown timer helps increase the sense of urgency, thereby improving conversion rates. According to another study, a limited-offer sign with a countdown timer provided a 332 percent increase in sales for one organization. It should only take you a few minutes to add a countdown timer, and you’ll immediately see an improvement in conversion rates.

Your Headlines Should Be A/B Tested.

Landing pages can be made or broken by their headlines. Using the wrong headline technique can lead to people not reading anymore. Once the “back” button is pressed, they’ll cease to exist. It has been found that eight out of ten visitors read headlines, but only two out of ten people read the rest of the copy. It’s an interesting statistic. In most cases, visitors won’t read beyond the headline of your landing page. If you want to A/B test your headline, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The length
  • Itinerary
  • Data exploitation
  • Numbering

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