3 Customer Communication Platforms to Engage Your Audience

Whether in sales, customer service, marketing, or even a more technical position like engineering, it’s essential to talk and keep communicating with customers at some point. How you interact with consumers may differ significantly depending on your discipline. Although there are products that address a variety of customer communication use cases, your company will likely need to invest in more than one platform to give your consumers a truly excellent experience.

So here are three platforms that will help you choose the best communication tool for your business to keep communicating and engaging your customers.

  • Live chatbot support

Customers, most of the time, require quick online assistance. Although many of us may assume that the phone helps answer that issue, live chat is a great solution. Although live chat allows assistants to handle numerous conversations at once, it is less expensive and provides the same immediate assistance as phone support.

Compared to other help channels like email, research reveals that customers are more satisfied with chat conversations. And that’s not just restricted to one industry; it holds across a wide range of sectors and platforms; It will engage visitors on your website or be applicable on your social media accounts. Live chat is an effective tool for customer service and may also increase your business’s revenue.

  • Customer surveys

Today, you can do nothing in any business without sending a follow-up survey to your customers. Surveys can help you gather crucial client insights that might not be simple to collect otherwise. Measuring satisfaction is one of the most popular uses of surveys in customer communication. Businesses frequently utilize surveys to gather feedback on a particular transaction, but they may also do so for a specific product or service.

There are many practical uses for surveys in business. It mostly boils down to getting to know your customer better regarding how they help with customer engagement. Mainly if you use free CRM software and have precise planning for customer service improvement, you can utilize surveys to get essential data about your clientele to help you identify your target market; wants, needs, suggestions, etc. Surveys can also be used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company. 

  • CRM tools

Communication and relationships are the foundation of good customer service. You may keep track of every encounter a customer has with your business using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform or tool, which will allow you to learn more about them as your relationship develops. A CRM tool will keep track of a customer’s basic contact information as well as their purchase history, product preferences, and all interactions they have with your team members across all departments.

Personalization is the primary method that can support client success. Depending on where each customer is in their customer journey, due to CRM, you may be able to predict demands better and build a unique experience with the help of the data you’ve collected.


Effective customer communication is the key to almost any successful organization, and modern technologies may make those interactions more superficial and more effective. There are platforms to help you do it better, whether your goal is to enhance customer service, inform consumers of a new product or feature, or enable customers to help themselves. Clarify your requirements, choose available platform options carefully, and improve your customer communications and engagements. 

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