3 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cars

Some of your dog’s behaviours, such as barking at the neighbours or slobbering all over your face, are simply annoying. There are some other behaviours that can be extremely dangerous, and one of them is chasing after cars.

There are many ways a dog can get run over by a car and can break his nose, legs, or even worse than that. Even if they manage to get away from a car without getting hit by its tires, it’s very easy for them to get lost when they give up on the chase. Keep your dog from chasing cars by doing everything you can.

But, it’s not always easy. So, we’re to help you if you’re having trouble stopping your dog from chasing cars.

Here are the 3 ways to stop your dog from chasing cars:

1. Keep Your Dog Contained Or Leashed

Maintaining your dog’s leash or keeping it contained in a crate or a fenced yard is the most effective way to prevent it from chasing cars or other wheeled objects such as skateboards or bicycles. It is essential that you leash your dog when taking it for a walk so that you can maintain complete control over its actions.

In order to keep a dog from chasing cars, the most important thing you can do is to physically restrain the dog. A dog chasing a car is likely to end up on the side of the road, where it could be struck by another vehicle.

2. Train Your Dog Not To Chase Cars

To change a habit, you’ll first need to teach it. Dog owners who want their pets to stop chasing cars must first learn how to control their pets and then teach them to associate cars with something positive.

  • Your dog must be well-trained in recall before you can teach it to ignore cars. Whatever it is doing at the time of the call, it should always answer the call.
  • In order to teach your dog to stay away from moving vehicles, it must first be well-versed in the concept of recall. This means it will answer calls no matter where it is or what it is doing at the time.
  • Play fetch with your dog to give him a way to express his desire to chase. It is important to set rules for your dog’s playtime so it knows chasing a toy during playtime is only permitted.
  • Consider working with a professional dog trainer to help train your dog if he or she is overly obsessed with automobiles and has trouble walking without getting excited about them.

3. Redirect Your Dog’s Attention

As soon as you notice your dog’s interest in cars and he or she begins to bark at them, you need to address the situation. Redirect the dog’s attention to a toy or treat that it enjoys the next time you walk it if it begins to show signs of interest the previous time. When the dog responds, call its name and reward him or her with a treat or a toy.

The use of this method can help your dog associate traffic with positive things rather than negative things if he or she is anxious about it.

Final Thoughts

Stopping your dog from chasing cars should be your top priority if this is a problem for you. If your first attempt doesn’t work, don’t give up, but keep going until you get the results you want. Your dog’s life could be in danger.

The best way to stop your dog from chasing cars is to not give them the opportunity to do so in the first place, rather than try to convince them it’s a bad idea. Your best options are a high fence and a short leash in this situation.

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