Many people associate diamonds with being the most beautiful and valuable gemstones globally, but this isn’t always the case. Moissanite jewelry offers many of the same qualities that we love about diamonds, such as their brilliance and hardness, without costing nearly as much money. Here are five reasons why moissanite may be your next best thing.

1. Moissanite Stones Are Less Expensive Than Diamonds

They are much less expensive, but they’re rarer than diamonds. These gems were first discovered in a meteor crater by French scientist Henri Moissan, who later earned a Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1893. He found it so fascinating that it led to scientists discovering moissanite crystals on Earth as well!

The word moissanite comes from its discoverer, and these stones are now being used more and more often in jewelry settings. It has all of the qualities of a diamond—with a bonus, you can get away with never having to worry about your ring turning your finger green or losing its sparkle over time.

2. Moissanite Jewels Look Just Like Diamonds

Moissanite jewels have a similar luster, brilliance, and fire to diamonds. They’re truly beautiful and glimmer in any light. However, they are also very rare (specifically, not found in nature). If you want that sparkle without paying hundreds of dollars per carat for a diamond, then moissanite jewels are your best bet. Many jewelry stores have stopped selling diamonds and only sell moissanite because their quality is good.

3. Moissanite Comes In An Assortment Of Hues

Moissanite, which has a similar chemical makeup to diamonds, comes in various colors. These range from white and yellow-white to green and black. Take a look at jewelry with various colored stones to determine what matches your style best!

Most moissanite is colorless, but they come in tones ranging from yellow-white to green. If you’re looking for something that isn’t too flashy, consider opting for moissanite that doesn’t have much color—or choose one that’s tinged with a hue you love. For example, if you love rose gold jewelry, check out our selection of pink or red-toned stones!

4. The Durability Of Moissanite Means It Can Be Worn Every Day

While it’s easy to be cautious when wearing fine jewelry, moissanite is so strong and durable that you can wear it every day without worrying about breaking or scratching it. A piece will lose its sparkle if your diamond ring becomes damaged and exposes its carbon-based gemstones.

5. A Large Variety Of Styles, Including Engagement Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, And Pendants, Can Be Purchased With A Moissanite Stone.

While it may be more costly than other gems, moissanite gives you all of these benefits at a lower price. The great thing about the jewelry is that it looks very similar to diamonds with its brilliant shine and sparkle.

The only difference between a diamond and moissanite is that it’s much less expensive. It’s not as rare as diamonds either, so you can purchase them in large quantities without worrying about running out soon. Since they are created in laboratories, there are no ethical issues or blood diamond concerns when purchasing them for your loved one.

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