5 signs you need a lock change

According to current statistics, there are few times when a homeowner decides to replace the lock systems, this can have many reasons, laziness, trust, forgetfulness or the false belief that hiring a locksmith service will be very expensive and do not change the locks until it is strictly necessary and, in most cases where they do not give it the importance it should, an unfortunate event occurs. 

Now, if you don’t want this to happen to you and you are interested in keeping your home or business locks in good condition, keep in mind these 5 signs that will tell you when you should replace the locks on your home or business. 

Obsolete/aging locks

Years after years lock systems evolve, inventing systems that provide better protection or improvements that help you ensure security before new theft techniques are implemented, these reasons make it especially important to change or reinforce the locks of your property from time to time, either because they are forgotten over time or do not fit your current security needs. 

Lost/stolen keys

Another reason that is of utmost importance and that in most cases requires a lock change is the loss of keys or having suffered a burglary. In both scenarios it is vital to replace the locking systems as soon as possible to avoid putting your family members or your integrity at risk. 

After renting a house

If for some reason you had to rent your home and it has been rented for a long time, it is important to change the locks on all the doors that have access to it. The same is true if you move to a new home. You never know who may have a copy and this can be a bad experience. 

Breakdown or lock failure

It is normal that sometimes, due to lack of maintenance or the passing of the years, the locks begin to present some failures or even break down completely. In both cases, the solution is to contact a locksmith, either to repair lock failures or to completely change the systems due to irreversible breakdowns. 

After doing a construction work

In many of the times that a tenant must perform a work, it is normal that he provides a key to the company in charge, this so that at the time of performing the work everything is expedited in the best way, but the important thing is that once the work is carried out, even if the company is trustworthy, it is best to perform the replacement of the locks or at least the cylinders. It is better to be safe than sorry, keep your mind calm and worry free. 

Now that you know these recommendations, make sure that everything goes as it should and do not leave for another day the tasks that you can do today, remember that tomorrow a carelessness can cost you double the price. 

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