7 Drinks to Make You Feel Festive This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! Yay! You look forward to the holidays all year, and now its finally here. The shopping, the decorating, the eating of way too much food….so many good things come with this season – add drinks to that list. There’s nothing like a great drink (or two or three) mixed up just right, complete with a festive cocktail glass and garnished just right, to make you feel extra merry for the holidays.

Whether you’re invited to a party or just want something to drink by the fireplace, these drinks fit the bill. From festive sipping drinks to hot wine spiced with fruit and spices, the flavors transport you to a magical winter wonderland.

Matcha Magic Smoothie

This smoothie is perfect for the holidays because it’s green and festive. It has a bright green color that resembles the Christmas tree, which makes it a great post-dinner drink. The matcha powder adds a slight sweetness to this drink so it tastes like dessert. We recommend drinking this after dinner at night or in the morning with breakfast.


This smoothie will boost your immune system and keep you healthy during cold and flu season. It also contains matcha powder, which helps with mental clarity and concentration.

Mulled Wine

Though it may be called wine, mulled wine is actually made with fruit juice and brandy. The spices are added to give it a warm flavor. This beverage can be served hot or cold depending on your preference.

Mexican Eggnog

Eggnog is a festive drink that most people associate with Christmas. But this creamy concoction has roots in colonial New England, where it was made with eggs, sugar, milk and rum. Today, you can find dozens of variations on the traditional recipe — including Mexican eggnog! This holiday beverage is prepared with vanilla-flavored Mexican horchata (a rice-based drink), tequila, cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s perfect for sipping by the fireplace or taking out on the town when you need a little holiday cheer.

Hot Buttered Rum

This classic drink is perfect for cold winter nights. Made with sugar, water and spices, this drink is usually served hot but can also be enjoyed over ice.

Hot Apple Cider

This beverage is typically made with apples and cinnamon sticks, but other spices can be added as well. It’s easy to make at home using a simple recipe or from concentrate that has been warmed up in the microwave before serving. If you’re looking for something sweeter than just plain apple cider, try adding some brown sugar or honey for extra flavor!

Cinnamon Cocoa Hot Toddy

This simple hot toddy is perfect for chilly nights by the fire or on a chilly day when you want something warm and soothing. The cinnamon sticks and cocoa powder give it a delicious taste that makes it perfect for sipping after dinner.

Blueberry Bliss

It combines the tartness of pomegranate and cranberry juice with the sweetness of peach to create a drink that is both fruity and refreshing.

This festive drink may look like eggnog, but it’s actually made with coconut milk and rum. You can also use rum extract if you don’t have any on hand!

This drink will instantly transport you to Paris with its fresh mint leaves, orange slices and vanilla bean seeds. It’s also gluten free, so it’s perfect for those who are avoiding gluten in their diet!


If you love having drinks at home but don’t want the same old, ordinary wines, then these are the perfect solution. These drinks will have your family and guests feeling festive in no time!  Just be careful how much you indulge; remember that Christmas time isn’t about getting drunk—it’s about spending time with friends and loved ones.

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