AED Box: A Perfect Solution to Improve Durability of AED Equipment

You may have noticed a device with a brightly colored box mounted on the wall like a fire hydrant in some public places. The device placed in the box is used to provide timely defibrillation for out-of-hospital SCA patients, which is called an automated external defibrillator (AED). Because of the relatively high cost and their importance as advanced life support equipment, public AED equipment is stored in a specific AED box in order to avoid damage due to improper storage or exposure to harsh environments that can affect the effectiveness of SCA rescue. AED box is the perfect solution for the continued durability of AED equipment. In the following article, we will discuss what an AED box is and the importance of a reliable AED box for AED equipment.

What is An AED Box?

An AED box is basically a protective container featuring a bright color, a prominent AED logo, and an alarm light. As a wall-mounted solution for AED devices, its purpose is to keep the automated external defibrillator safe and secure. As an example of a wall-mounted solution for Mindray AED, an AED box is typically painted in a bright color, such as red or green, on the housing, with the goal of allowing responders to quickly find the AED device when needed. A complete AED wall-mounted solution also has a red alert device mounted on top of the AED box. When someone vandalizes the AED equipment or if the AED equipment leaves the pre-defined geographical range of the AED manager, the alarm device will sound to alert the AED manager.

Where is the Best Place to Install an AED Box?

Because the use of automated external defibrillators is not limited to professionals in healthcare facilities but is designed for use by non-professionals, AED devices are typically placed in public or private locations where SCA occurs at high rates, such as subway stations, train stations, schools, gyms, stadiums, etc.[1]

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Depending on the structure of the AED wall-mounted solution, the location of the AED box installation varies. Even though, one thing remains the same: wherever you place your AED box, make sure it is visible and can be accessed quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is important to avoid placing the AED in areas that are often out of sight to employees and/or customers, such as lockers, basements, or behind closed doors, making it more difficult for rescuers to access it in an emergency.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act states that your AED box must be installed in an accessible area 48 inches above the floor, which makes it possible for people who are shorter or in wheelchairs to get to the AED device even in an emergency. In addition, cabinet-mounted AED devices can be integrated into any environment. Many managers consider placing their AEDs as easily accessible as their first aid kits or fire extinguishers, which makes sense because it ensures that you are fully prepared for any emergency. What’s more, according to the American Heart Association, AED boxes are also suggested to be installed in the following locations.[1]

– Corridors in public spaces

– Next to Elevators

– Cafeterias or break rooms where people gather to eat and rest

– Desks where customer assistance is provided

Why is the Reliable AED Box so Important?

Due to the lack of 24-hour supervision, AED equipment placed in public places is vulnerable to human damage and the risk of falling and breaking. Moreover, outdoor sunlight, wind, and rain erosion will cause potential damage to the AED equipment, which is when the reliable AED box comes into play. In any case, placing the AED device in a reliable AED box has many undeniable benefits for both the AED manager and the owner.

  1. A reliable AED box can prevent the device from being damaged from the outside. As mentioned earlier, the AED box has a hard shell and combination lock, which helps to prevent the phenomenon of vandalism, the risk of falling and breaking, and the erosion of the natural environment.
  2. AED box assists in locating the device quickly. AED box is conspicuous in public places because of its bright shell color, eye-catching AED logo, and warning light, making it easy for responders to quickly find the AED device. 
  3. Help to locate SCA patients. When the AED box is opened, and the AED device leaves the preset geographical range, the alarm light on the AED box will flash, guiding the subsequent arrival of emergency medical services personnel to the patient’s location to facilitate a quick and effective response.
  4. Reduce maintenance costs. AED, the advanced life support equipment, is costly as its accessories are disposable and have a shelf life. Once the AED equipment and accessories are damaged, AED managers or owners need to spend additional costs for AED maintenance. However, the AED box with protective features can help you reduce unnecessary additional costs.
  5. Branding and AED-related knowledge dissemination. Some AED suppliers, such as Mindray, will be in its AED wall-mounted solution by pasting a sticker with easy AED operation guidelines to achieve the purpose of knowledge dissemination. Moreover, as the owner of AED equipment, you also can print your brand name on the AED box in order to achieve brand promotion and at the same time convey to the community that you focus on the health care of your community members or employees of a positive corporate image.


An AED box is a perfect solution for AED devices that improve durability. While AED owners are not required by law to have an AED box for their AED devices, you should still put them together if your emergency needs assessment shows that they are needed in your situation. When you choose an AED box that is as high quality as a Mindray AED box, it will help ensure that your automated external defibrillator is visible and protected in the event of an emergency. As an added benefit, the Mindray AED box allows you to popularize the steps of using AED devices while conducting positive and effective brand and corporate image promotion. If you have not yet configured an AED box for your AED device, act quickly to show that you are always ready for SCA rescue!


[1] AED Programs Q&A. American Heart Association. Available at: (Accessed: 10 January 2022)

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