African Grey Parrots for Sale

If you are looking for african grey parrots for sale, there are a few things you should know before you decide. These include the cost, their colors, and whether or not they will mix well with other types of birds.

Timneh vs Congo Grey

There are two subspecies of African grey parrots for sale, Timneh and Congo. These two species are quite similar in size and behavior, but their individual characteristics make them very distinct.

The first difference you will notice between the two is that Congos are usually larger than Timnehs. In fact, the average adult Congo can weigh about a pound while the average adult Timneh can weigh a mere 275 grams.

Another important difference between these two subspecies is their vocalization. While both can be excellent imitators, they have different voices. Some flocks make more distinct sounds, while others are more mixed. This can make communication difficult when first meeting a Congo or a Timneh.

Although both subspecies are great companions, Timnehs are generally calmer and less prone to anxiety than their more boisterous cousins. They tend to be better with children, and are sometimes more friendly than their more aloof counterparts.

Both of these birds can be very intelligent and have a high level of emotional intelligence. However, they are also very sensitive to the stresses of life. That is why they don’t often mate unless they are given the perfect environment to do so.

Colors of the plumage

The colors of the plumage of African grey parrots are stunning. Their bright red tail and scalloped feather pattern are striking. This medium-sized parrot is native to Africa. It is found in eastern and western Africa.

African grey parrots breed years round in winter and spring. They are herbivores, feeding on nuts, fruits, bark, seeds and leaves. A grey is a social bird, which tends to avoid intense physical contact.

In the wild, the African grey is a social bird. When a pair of greys is bred, they typically lay two or four eggs in a nest. Some breeding pairs may stay in their nest box for the entire duration of their time.

The African grey is a medium-sized, gray parrot. It is most commonly seen in moist lowland forests of West Africa. They have a large black bill and a bright red tail.

African greys are social birds that live in large flocks and roost in trees. In the wild, their range stretches from Guinea-Bissau to Sierra Leone. These parrots are gregarious and form strong bonds with their owners. However, they can be emotionally needy.

Compatibility with other birds

African grey parrots are very social and can be great companion birds. They are also quite intelligent and can form strong bonds with their owners. In order to get the most out of your bird, it is important to know how to get them to interact with other birds.

Although African greys can form friendships with other birds, they can become dominant or aggressive if not taken care of. It is important to introduce them to other birds gradually.

The most important thing to remember when introducing your African greys to other birds is to provide them with toys. This will help keep them busy and prevent them from picking fights.

You will also need to provide a safe cage for your bird. A sturdy cage should have plenty of room for both your birds. If you do not have enough space for two, you can consider getting a separate cage for each.

When you bring your African greys to the vet, you will need to provide them with a diet that is healthy for them. They can be susceptible to vitamin deficiencies, including anorexia and polydips.

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