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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is a lot to learn about ping. The main things you need to know are how to get started, how to measure productivity, and how to determine whether your system is cost-effective.

Time By Ping

Using an AI and screen capture application, Time by Ping can categorize and quantify an employee’s daily activities. Its clever gizmo allows users to browse and recall days in question, allowing for a comprehensive and concise look at their work ethic. Its oh so nifty little gizmo also enables users to fill in the gaps by offering suggestions for what tasks to focus on next. Time by Ping has a knack for recognizing when a knowledge worker is at their most productive, and presenting them with suggestions on how to boost their productivity.

The company has 65 employees and is making big bets on bringing the AI to the accounting and law firm worlds. A recent survey of legal innovation thought leaders revealed that a mere 84% of firms are currently investing in technology, and nearly half think their tech adoption is below average. The company plans to grow its team and is looking at new markets. The company has even released a white paper to help guide organizations through the minefield of legal tech.

Series B funding raised

Founded by Damir Sabol, Photomath is the number one math learning app on the App Store and has over 220 million downloads worldwide. Photomath uses artificial intelligence to help students solve math problems. It uses a smartphone camera to read and solve math problems, and it provides step-by-step tutorials.

Photomath’s mission is to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in math. The company supports students who struggle to solve math problems, and it also helps parents and teachers provide the right support to students. Its product offerings include a “smart calculator” that ships with the app.

Photomath was initially designed as a demo app for MicroBlink, a text recognition technology company. The team intended to sell the core technology to other companies, and it hoped to develop an app that would help promote the technology.

Photomath is currently the most downloaded app in the iOS and Play Store, and has attracted millions of downloads from desperate students. The company is looking to expand its offering into an online tutorial segment by 2024.


Productivity vs. efficiency

Despite the fact that many people use productivity and efficiency interchangeably, they are actually quite different. Both are important business metrics. The difference lies in how they are measured.

Productivity is measured by how much work is done in a certain time period. Efficiency is measured by the quality of the output. The quality of an output depends on the time and resources it takes to produce it. When the output is of high quality, efficiency will also be high.

Efficiency is measured by how well a person or machine uses resources to produce output. It also involves quality control. Efficiency is the best possible output for each unit of time.


Productivity and efficiency are the two most important business metrics. They help determine a business’ success. It is important for all businesses to tackle challenges related to efficiency. Increasing productivity will help increase money. However, efficiency can also livechatvalue help keep costs low. Efficiency can also help determine where there are opportunity gaps and potential threats.

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