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Originally from Massachusetts, I have been a writer for VentureBeat since 2006. My work focuses on artificial intelligence, but I also contribute to VentureBeat’s ethics statement.

Writes about artificial intelligence for VentureBeat

Several leading companies are developing a wide range of AI products. Some are designed for a specific task, while others are designed for a more casual computer user.

A self-driving car algorithm, for example, involves computer vision, planning, and machine learning. These algorithms are not yet commercially available.

But in the coming years, these algorithms will be able to create groundbreaking applications. They will allow data scientists to focus on their strengths. They will also make the benefits of AI more accessible.

Some AI-based competitors to TV game Jeopardy include Watson. They are able to handle questions about human language and perform unprompted operations. This is due to training and context.

AI engines can also sift through vast amounts of data. They can also refine algorithms using past analyses. They can identify patterns, connect connections, and perform real-time translation. These tools have been used for years in science fiction novels.

Machine learning is an AI technology that translates knowledge into actionable data. It can also improve collaboration and organizational communication. It is an invaluable tool in the pursuit of excellence.

AI is being viewed through a cost-benefit model. This means that the cost of the software will amortize over time as the output scales.

According to the MIT Sloan Management Review, 65% of organizations have not seen tangible gains from AI investments. Among the top reasons for failure are a lack of skilled staff and unrealistic expectations.

Joined VentureBeat as a writer in 2016

Several top notch tech folks jumped ship when Editor in Chief Josh Topolsky departed. But there are a few notable names that stand out from the crowd. These include tech writer Alan Pickering, AI geek Dean Takahashi and tech reporter Khari Johnson. They have been covering XR technology for about twenty years. In short, they know their stuff and have the requisite grit to boot. Interestingly enough, they also know when to shut up and let the rest of the world get on with it.

While it’s impossible to name every single person who works at VentureBeat, there’s a small group of exemplary staff who’ve stood out from the pack. This group has been responsible for some of the website’s most intriguing articles, including the “Velocity” ad and the recently published “Sane” ad, both of which have sparked some lively debate in the online community. It’s not surprising then that these individuals have racked up some of the most impressive accolades in their respective departments. For instance, TechCrunch’s top tech blogger, Alan Pickering, has a long history with the company, including his previous position as the company’s resident geek. Among the notables are the aforementioned Pickering and former TechCrunch editor Khari Johnson.

Contributes to VentureBeat’s ethics statement

Among the many tech related websites and publications, VentureBeat stands out for its commitment to breaking news and in-depth reporting. In particular, the site’s editorial department has recently made notable hires in New York and Toronto. Aside from its newsroom, the company has a separate, but semi-separate, publication called GamesBeat, which features a number of high profile titles. Moreover, the website’s social media presence is a sight to behold. From its Twitter and Facebook presence to its Pinterest and Reddit pages, VentureBeat is a hub of activity for its devoted fans.


The most exciting development to date is the site’s rumored acquisition of a major media player. While VentureBeat’s long term goals are still being ironed out, the website is expected to have at least 100 million pageviews per month by the end of the year, which is a pretty good barometer of success. This is a very good time to start your own tech related content creation venture.


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