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Swedish developer quickspin takes a mysterious walk on the shores in the jewel-filled arcane gems slot. Give players a chance ‘go hunting for diamonds’ is an interesting word choice, as the style doesn’t automatically bring the word ‘diamond’ to mind, but arcane gems conjure up images of a golden age of adventure and exploration. The game is a combination of modern features and extraordinary restraint. Because there aren’t a lot of extras that drive the action. The final product turned out to be a peculiar mix that was popular in some ways.

The first impression was a little bit overwhelming at first. We expected this developer to be stunned, but arcane germs isn’t quickspin’s best-looking สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ slot, it’s not ugly. It’s a little rough around the edges, the graphics are grainy with jagged edges, not the usual high definition benchmarks you usually get from the quickspin team.

However, the first-person perspective is interesting. It was as if the player found an unusual box and placed it on the table for further investigation. There is little speculation about this theme. But evidence of the expedition comes from the maps, coordinates, and odd miscellaneous coins that were strewn across the screen. The music adds even more depth with the piano resonating in a lofty feel. In some ways, the sound stands out from the graphics thanks to the special atmosphere it offers. The overall effect creates a level of mystery that makes starting the game an interesting opportunity.

The lid is lifted to reveal a standard 5-reel, 3-row grid with a row of dark blue ‘xs’ at the top of the reels. The solution to the puzzle and the jewel reward is to land a combination of 3, 4, or 5 types. These combinations do not need to be tiled from the first reel as usual. As long as they are adjacent to one of the 9 paylines, any reel is fine. This is especially useful as there are no wild symbols to help draw additional combinations.

The gems in the title have a lot of meaning in the paytable. Where each symbol is a glittering stone the low winnings are the jewels shaped like a set of cards spades, diamonds, golf clubs, and hearts. High winnings are bunches of multicolored miscellaneous gems such as green, yellow, red, and pink, with all the blue diamonds being the most valuable. Prizes range from 0.8x-1.4x for low-paying symbols to x4-x25 for five premium symbols.

Let’s skip a few technical details before dealing with the limited list of features. The first is the stake. Where players can choose from low roller friendly odds of 10 p/c up to £/50 per spin for those with higher wagering requirements. No problem with 96.05% rated rtp with most of them reallocating to spin. The math model works on medium volatility + at a level of 3.5/5 by the developer.

Arcane gems: attributes

  • Arcane gems
  • The arcane gems multiplier

Doesn’t have a lot of attributes, just two things to be aware of. The first is the arcane lock mechanics which are activated by landing a winning combination. This feature locks the highest paying symbol while immediately paying other winning combinations. Then a new spin is awarded the winning symbol locked. If there are more symbols of the same type, a new spin is awarded. The re-spin will continue until no winning symbols appear. Then all winnings are paid for the next spin.

If the reel is fully filled with locked symbols, the arcane multipliers feature will be triggered. When this happens, the blue ‘x’ above the reel will change to a random multiplier from 2 to 5. This can happen on more than one reel at the same time. . When so all multipliers are summed up and applied to wins if all 5 reels are stacked with locked symbols. Multipliers are given up to x25 for best results.

Arcane gems: verdict

Arcane gem is a difficult สล็อตเว็บตรง slot to review. Nothing stands out as instantly as was the case with quickspin’s launch, no standout new features or busy themes to get your attention. It’s more subtle and less complicated than usual. Therefore, it may take players a long time to warm up to its charm.

Blurry pictures don’t help. Sometimes the feeling of haste spilled over into other parts. Of slots sometimes the features are few and the gameplay can be a bit repetitive. Quickspin has done a similar thing with the new spin lock before in the wild chase: tokyo go, but the game still offers free spins to enhance the experience.

What arcane gems has to offer is not a total write-off. Even if you enter a simple slot. It can be surprisingly good with payouts up to 5,625 times your stake. Higher than you initially expected but the result is possible with full square diamonds and arcane multipliers up to x25. However, more realistically. You should expect to win around 100-500x at best, players who like the basic game moving forward may appreciate what arcane gems has to offer. 

Because they can snowball in large batches. With a beautiful cherry multiplier on top. Big wins can be generated out of nowhere, which keeps players guessing and helps make arcane gems a rather interesting game, although it does have some flaws.

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