Avoid Criminal Contempt Charges with Legal Advice

An individual who feels a threat from another person may file a case against him in New Jersey. A restraining order is generally passed against the accused. It is a legal remedy obtained under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.

Violation of the provisions of the restraining order may result in the filing of criminal contempt charges. It can have serious consequences for a person who has a restraining order filed against him. A restraining order defense attorney in New Jersey can help to protect the rights of the accused. Timely legal advice also prevents any further charges.

How Can a Restraining Order Affect Lives?

When a restraining order is passed, it is aimed at protecting the plaintiff from violent activity. It prevents the accused from contacting the protected party. Contact with friends, family, acquaintances of the plaintiff is also restricted due to this order. The orders are valid for a specific duration of time. And, any contact between the two parties, during this period is a legal offense.

Courts also pass temporary restraining orders against some people to protect victims of domestic violence. Depending on the conduct of the accused, it can either be removed or final restraining order (FRO) is imposed. These orders automatically require the accused to move out of the place of residence, if both parties live together.

It can also result in loss of job and income, especially if charges of criminal contempt are filed. This may happen due to mere disregard for the provisions of the restraining order. If the police are notified of such a violation, charges can be filed immediately.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Attorney?

When a restraining order has been filed against you, it is advisable to seek legal assistance. With the help of knowledgeable attorneys, you can avoid criminal contempt charges. If a temporary order has been passed against you, seek legal help to overturn it. This might also prevent FROs. Besides, defendants need attorneys to attend court hearings for FRO proceedings.

Defense attorneys experienced in this field have years of experience. They have dealt with numerous cases over the years and are equipped with strategies that can help you. Even if your case goes to trial or if you are in trouble, they can influence a fair outcome. With a solid defense in your favor, your case becomes stronger in court.

Lawyers also have the capability and skills to negotiate favorable outcomes. They can argue a plea bargain, reduce fines and limit jail terms for various offenses. Moreover, court cases are complex affairs. With a lot of procedural bottlenecks and paperwork, an individual can easily become overwhelmed in the entire procedure. To avoid such hassles, attorneys can be of great help.

Seek Services of Renowned Lawyers

If you contact renowned lawyers with plenty of experience, you stand a chance to defend yourself. Get in touch with lawyers immediately if you have a restraining order against you. They can guide and counsel you efficiently. Always remember to discuss the case thoroughly before appointing an attorney.

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