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Bathroom interior design

Bathroom is considered a room that is necessary and very important. One room in the present day when building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน must take into account many elements such as equipment and various sanitary ware, so the bathroom has always been updated and developed in style. Make the bathroom a room that can be created to be a room of happiness to use even more. The main use of the toilet is directly related to water. Building a house รับสร้างบ้าน should think about the location of the bathroom should be set in a well-ventilated area with a quick drain. Plan to prevent moisture caused by mist. This will cause mold and corrosion on the walls and furniture in the water. Should be prevented by using materials that do not absorb water, easy to wipe, scrub, wash. such as glazed tiles or marble Closely trace the grout joints with cement. Or may use paints that do not absorb water, oily type.

6.1 General layout of the bathroom arrangement

The size of the bathroom is large or small. It depends on the size of the sanitary ware and its use. If you want to pack multiple sanitary wares The size of the bottom of the water also needed to be more spacious. The size of the sanitary ware is a standard proportion. can be calculated as the size of the water The placement of sanitary ware in the water is the same as the placement of furniture in other rooms, it is arranged according to the needs of use and usage, such as using the bathroom to wash your face, brush your teeth, shave. There is a water drainer on the face and a toothpaste holder. shaving stand There is a mirror in front of you. if you want to take a shower Inside the bathroom there is a bucket or container for water. or use to practice lotus bath Or have a bathtub, etc., excretion in the bathroom. Sanitary ware can be a toilet, a squat type, a place for urinals, etc. From the example of use in the bathroom, we may separate the use area into 2 parts:

Dry areas include toilets and washing your face and brushing your teeth.

The wet part is the shower area.

in the placement of sanitary ware Therefore, the dry part, which is a basin, should be brought to the front. Other use times that are not showered will not cause the entire bathroom to be wet. The wet area or the shower area is arranged in the inside of the room. Because if taking a shower, it will only be wet in this part. by providing a drainage channel into this area And there is a boundary to prevent water from flowing or splashing out to other parts.

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bathroom components In addition to the aforementioned sanitary ware, there may be other furniture such as a locker for various items such as soap, powder, towels, toilet paper, etc. When making cabinets or furniture in the bathroom, it should be considered that there can be good ventilation. The material used must have properties that can withstand the use of water, for example, it should be a material with a smooth surface. easy to clean Resistant to use in the bathroom

6.2 Equipment in the bathroom

6.2.1 Basin

6.2.2 Toilets

6.2.3 Bath tubs

6.2.4 Soap and Toothbrush Holders

6.2.5 Taps

6.2.6 Toilet Paper Holders and Towel Rails

6.2.7 Showers Base

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6.3 Various usage distances in the bathroom

  1. Towel/hand towel holder installed behind the bathroom door It should be installed at a height of 60 inches from the floor level.
  2. Light in the vanity mirror It should be installed at a height of 60 – 72 inches from floor level (or our eye level).
  3. The distance between the two lights flanking the mirror should be 36-40 inches.
  4. The height of the sink should be 32-36 inches from the floor level.
  5. The height of the towel rail should be 48 inches from the floor level.
  6. The height of the shower should be 77 – 81 inches from the floor (can be adjusted according to the height of the members of the house. And if it’s good Should choose a sliding type, it will be very convenient)
  7. The height of the shower seat should be 17-19 inches from the floor level.
  8. The depth of the shower seat should be 15 inches from the wall.
  9. The height of the anti-slip handrail should be 33-36 inches from the floor level.
  10. The height of the toilet paper holder should be 26 inches from the floor level.
  11. Distance between sanitary ware and toilet paper holder (or pay line) should be 8 – 12 inches.
  12. Empty space in front of washbasin, sanitary ware and bathtub It should be at least 30 inches wide.
  13. The distance of the sanitary ware and the side wall of the toilet (or other components) should be 16 – 18 inches.
  14. Bath area The bathroom (where the shower is installed) should be at least 36 x 36 inches.

6.4 Sanitary ware placement area

Space in placement must have a moderate distance in order to facilitate use.


The bathroom is another room with a complicated installation system. Designers need to think carefully about size. and characteristics of sanitary ware, including accessories used for assembly as well as the placement in relation to the use If there is a mistake in the position of the sanitary ware or its use is inconsistent, it will be difficult to fix.

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