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The art of 3D animation is dominating its primitive version to a large extent. There might not be a single person who does not watch 3D animated movies these days. 3D art form origins from the classic animated movie Toy Story. It has not ceased to amaze its lovers at all since then.

Today, you will see a bundle of animated movies that the audience love. Some of the top 3D animated films are Ratatouille, Tangled, Zooptopia, and How to Train your Dragon from Disney.

Speaking of Disney, this is not wrong to say that it is among the giants of 3D animation creators. That not only leaves the viewership in surprise but also uses this art form in the best way possible.

But have you ever noticed how creators like Disney bring these imaginative characters to life? How do these storylines originate to come to your home screens? Well, the answer lies in the execution of different 3D software.

It might sound odd to you but 3D animation software plays a huge role in this pursuit. Different features of an individual 3D software come together to make the existence of 3D characters possible.

In this article, you are going to learn about this software in detail. But before we dive into it, let’s check out why 3D animation software is important!

Why 3D Animation Software is Important?

Imagine repairing your car without a wrench or a screwdriver. Would you be able to make it happen without these tools? Definitely not! In the same way, 3D animation would be lifeless without corresponding animation tools.

But this is not enough to highlight their significance in this domain. Below are a few points that explain how 3D animation tools are crucial for beginners as well as veterans.

1. Save Time: With the help of these tools, you save much time. It means animation tools make you deal with bulky projects. They predicate so many features that alleviate your work stress every time.

This is why time-saving is among the prominent benefits of these software for all artists. So that you can invest much of your time in other aspects of a specific project. Thus, enhancing your productivity as a 3D animator and making it more fun for you.

2. Expedience: If you are in a rush, 3D animation software will accelerate the process for you. You can even use a single software for covering multiple aspects of your project.

Experts also believe that using suitable animation software can be your biggest asset. It is clear that you can complete a single project with minimum effort in no time. So that you can jump onto another to keep up with the pace you have set for yourself as a professional.

3. Beginner-Friendly Nature: Some of this software are easy to perceive for beginners. If you are a newbie then you can research beginner-friendly software for yourself by surfing the internet.

There is a large number of freshers that are stepping into the world of 3D animation. This software has made this interest much easier for them as well. Some platforms include tutorials and walk-throughs so that you can avail them for a better understanding of different features.

4. Multifacetedness: You can use these 3D animation platforms for multiple executions. For instance, you can create an individual 3D animation. Or perhaps a complete animated sequence for a movie.

There is no limit to this software. Different formats can be crafted by using basic tools. This makes them multifunctional for various purposes. Owing to this fact, 3D artists find them useful when it comes to accomplishing different formats of 3D animated content for the audience.

5. Inbuilt Features:  A 3D animation is a complete house packed with almost everything you need. You do not have to use multiple software for adding different details to your 3D animation projects.

You will find several inbuilt features and tools on these platforms that will help you in this regard. Saving you time and accelerating your project’s pace as well. The best part is that you don’t search for different tools perpetually which can be really hectic.

What is the cost of 3D Animation?

If you consider the 3d animation cost, it is much more expensive than normal 2D animations and projects. Different statistics show that 3D animations range from $100,000 to $200,000.

The cost keeps on increasing depending on the nature of the projects. If the project has more animations and requires extra effort, the cost can be more lucrative.

The average cost also depends on different factors like VFX effects, type of animations, timeframes, and collateral nature of the project as well.

Best 3D Animation Platforms

A 3D animation software can make or break the overall feel of your animation. For this reason, it is important to choose credible platforms for adding extra flair to your creations.

Keep in mind that the reflection of your animation platform directly relates to the animation you are going to create with it. But selecting the right platform can be a huge deal for you.

If you have zero experience, then this section will render you the best 3D animation platforms to consider.

Let’s explore them below!

1. Daz Studio: This is a popular choice among amateurs. However, it also offers expert editing services. When using Daz Studio, you will have the most freedom possible.

Your 3D projects can undergo as many modifications as you need. The navigation and design controls of the application are straightforward.

Key Attributes:

It allows motion capturing for desirable results. One of the best features is the puppeteer control which other animation software lack greatly. You can enhance the 3D body movements of your characters with Daz Studio as well.

The tool has the ability to use a 3D transformation feature to enhance the feel of your creations.

2. MotionBuilder: It is dependable for creating 3D animated videos and game concepts. The software has two modes of operation. Animation and virtual improvements can be combined as well.

It implies that you can easily shorten the overall time required to produce such videos. The tool also handles complexity. You can put into action the remarkable features to fix the little things. These particulars include the characters’ fluid movements and spoken patterns.

Key Attributes:

The tool is suitable for adding non-jarring shifts between different story plots. You can use its frame protection feature to maintain the quality till the termination. It can merge keyframe animation with motion graphics in an effortless manner.

The tool also has to offer ragdoll solvers for flawless output. Plus you can use it with other animation tools if necessary for a particular project.

3. Wings 3D: For novices, the tool is reliable. The tool’s technique is simple to understand and apply. The tool can be relied upon completely by inexperienced animators and 3D designers.

On the user dashboard, its library is stocked with all the necessary tools. The tool uses four fundamental modes of layout to arrange animation.

Key Attributes:

If your projects require material utilization, then Wings 3D is the best option to go for. It is useful due to its straightforward navigation and controls. Experts recommend Wings 3D for professional 3D modeling. Object manipulation is also much more convenient using the tool.

4. Houdini Apprentice: Everyone has a preferred editor for game development and 3D animated projects, such as Houdini. Based on a node-like system, it operates to impress you.

It also improves the overall collective output. Each time, you can alter the complexity of the designs to make them much simpler. Although the program is available in a free edition, there are certain visual limitations for users.

Key Attributes:

Houdini Apprentice has a compelling dashboard for its users. You can use its multipurpose nature to outperform your competition each time. The tool is important for generating impressive crowd simulations as well.

For improving your projects’ quality, it endorses fluids and pixels that produce realism. You can take its support for generating biped and quadruped 3D character animations. The tool emphasizes muscular movements to bring human animations to life for the projects.

5. Blender: The most recent version of this tool, Blender 3.0, was created by its creators. It operates on an open-source system. The program is appropriate for 3D projects with animated videos and model-based projects.

Key Attributes:

The tool comes in handy for working on multiple dimensions of the projects. It includes VFX effects, improving animations, and much more. The raster graphics rendered by blender have no parallel.

It can generate different simulations along with rigging and skinning of the 3D animated characters as well.

Parting Words

This elaboration is to convey a subtle point. You can see how 3D animation only uses specific types of software now. Each of them benefits you in an enticing way. These may vary from one another but are determined by the user’s preferences.

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