Best five collections of emotional Telugu songs that will help you to relieve your pain

Songs are a kind of expression of our mind. We all listen to different types of songs in different situations. For example, people hear party songs when they feel good, sometimes romantic songs and occasionally sad songs. There are a few melodies that make us revive, and the rest can be annoying. Some tunes rejuvenate you, even help you forget your grief, and the rest can seem annoying.

When people listen to music, this thing stimulates certain parts of the brain and arouses emotions. All these things are closely related to mental movement. This song can be in Bengali, English, Hindi, or Telugu. Telugu songs are the most delicate process to calm and control your mind slenderly and feel better. These types of songs are chosen to remind you of a special memory. Telugu song is part of Indian music. Whenever you visit different entertainment sites, you will get both listen and telugu songs download opportunities.

Here is an article about the best five collections of emotional Telugu songs. If you are a music lover, and if you are interested in this kind of song, keep reading this article from beginning to end.

Best five collections of emotional Telugu songs:

1. Tharagathi Pathos:

“Tharagathi Pathos” song belongs from ‘Colour Photo,’ which is a Telugu movie. Kaala Bhairava was the vocalist and Kaala Bhairava director of this track. Additionally, Kittu Vissapragada was the lyricist. The mp3 and mp4 versions of this song are available and trending on various musical websites. Aditya Music leveled this track.

This track was released on the “Aditya Music” Youtube channel and archived 554,821 viewers. This song expresses feelings, approaches, and so on. This song assists in transforming your sorrowful moments into a cure.

2. Kanulalo Thadigaa:

“Kanulalo Thadigaa” song belongs from a Telugu movie named ‘Sammohanam’ in 2018. Chaitra Ambadipudi sang this song, and Ramajogayya Sastry was the lyricist. Vivek Sagar was the music director. The audio version of this track is available on Saavn, Gaana, Wynk, JioMusic, Spotify.

It is a heart-breaking song that grabs the attention of viewers and gets them all over the world. Aditya Music published this song on YouTube and achieved 1,014,619 viewers.

3. Yellipoke Shyamala:

“Yellipoke Shyamala” song is part of the ‘Aa Aaa’ movie. Trivikram directed this movie. Karthik was the singer and Ramajogayya Sastri lyricist of this song. Attractively, Mickey J Meyer was the director of the Yellipoke Shyamala track. This song is based on the breaking moments of a love story.

Moreover, this song is obtainable on many musical websites; audio and video both are available here. You will find the mp3 version of this track on Saavn, Erosnow, Hungama, Wynk, Raaga, Gaana. This song has 9,482,691 viewers on YouTube.

4. Telisiney Na Nuvvey:

“Telisiney Na Nuvvey” this track is collected from the ‘Arjun Reddy,’ which is a Telugu movie. Revanth was the vocalist, and Rambabu Gosala wrote this track. Radhan directed this amazing soulful song. The audio version of this song is available on Saavn, Wynk. It’s a break-up song. This song gained 41,732,541 viewers on YouTube.

5. Oosupodu:

“Oosupodu” song belongs to the ‘Fidaa’ movie, which Shekar Kammula directed. Hemachandra was the vocalist, and Chaithanya Pingali was the lyricist of this song. In addition, Shakthikanth Karthick was the music director. Notably, this track is available on YouTube with achieving 78,529,077 viewers.

Although the above five emotional songs are briefly mentioned, many more pieces are trending on various websites. People listen to these songs with emotions and try to forget their grief. In addition, Telugu songs include party songs, romantic songs, which you can play on different occasions.

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