Best games coming out 2022

The iGaming industry may boom in 2022, so you should not miss the chance to play the newest games like Monster Hunter Rise, Elden Ring, or Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Look at the following article to find out more games that will reign in 2022 and play them like a real pro.

Monster Hunter Rise (PC)

If you like online gambling but you decided that you have to take a small break and play an RPG game, maybe this one will please you. Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise will be available for PC too. Visual enhancements are announced along with flawless gameplay and thrilling missions. The game will be available on Steam on 12 January 2022.

The game comes with lots of quests, characters, and 14+ weapons to fight with. Raise the beast, fight the most dangerous ones, control the scariest monsters and protect the village from the rampage! Do you think you can survive them?

Note that the game will occupy more than 10 GB, so make sure to free some disk space before adding it to your portfolio. 

Elden Ring

Are you familiar with Bandai Namco games such as Pac-Man, Tekken or Ace Combat? Do they ring a bell or make your childhood memories come back to life? Then, you can try the Elden Ring. The tale theme is similar to the Lord of the Rings movies.

Shapeshift into the Elden Lord, face fiercest enemies and keep the world order in balance. What is interesting about the Elden Ring is that you can create a character as you wish and try to explore a wide range of magical powers and all kinds of skills.

To preorder the game, you have to visit the official page of Bandai Namco, select the platform like Xbox, Ps5, Ps4, XBOXONE or PC and place your order. The prices can go up to 200 USD or more for the premium/collector editions. 

Horizon Forbidden West

PS4 and PS5 users can rush to pre-order the Horizon Forbidden West game for 85 – 95 USD. The game will make its players go through all kinds of quests and threats that face the earth. To fight the ending of the world and stop the newly released apocalypse, all you need to do is to join Aloy and rekindle friendships, reach for help and battle the worst enemy.

Apart from the classic version, Horizon Forbidden West comes with an edition that is a little bit pricer than the previous one. The Digital Deluxe version of the game is available only for PS5. The price is up to 105 USD, and the game comes with extra items that will turn out to be helpful during the game.

For the Deluxe pack, you will be rewarded two Nora Thunder Elite Items, a machine strike piece, and other helpful resources you’ll need to combat the apocalypse.

Gran Turismo 7

On 4th March 2022, the newest version of Gran Tourismo was released to the public for PS4 or PS5 users. Sony announced that this game is going to be mind-blowing in terms of realism, races, cars, and multiplayer matches. Customize your car with tons of accessories, increase its skills and start the race with or without other players.

Kazunori Yamauchi stated that in Gran Turismo 7, you can tune your car more than you could’ve done in the previous versions. The game can be purchased for 84.08 dollars.


Do you believe in conspiracy theories or are you simply a fan of the Chernobyl explosion? Will you be courageous enough to see what is inside the Nuclear Power Plant that exploded in 1986? We are going to tell you that this adventure is wild because it’s about to face the second explosion on the site.

Dangerous radiation is going to hit an unbelievable level of toxicity, new creators will be formed and people may lose their lives in seconds. What’s your job? To find what happens behind the Exclusion Zone and try to survive like a pro.

The game is launched on 28 April 2022 on Steam and it starts from 59,99 USD to 109,99 USD for the Ultimate Edition pack.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The last game is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, made by Team Reptile. At this moment, there is no releasing date available for the public. The game features a futuristic punk city where you can place bombs, dance, and draw artistic graffiti.

Explore every street in the city, jump in the air with your crew and have some fun with other punk characters. 


The titles already look promising along with their backstory, genre, action, and dynamic characters. 2022 surely comes with better games than 2021 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. So, get comfortable, place your headsets on, live stream them with your friends, and have fun.

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