Best SEO Practices To Increase Traffic On Your eCommerce Site

Digital marketing is a great method to increase traffic to your eCommerce website. Nevertheless, the PLAs [Product Listing Ads] cost is increasing daily because keyword bidding wars with large eCommerce firms are just impossible.

Fortunately, the search engine optimization process is a great way to lessen your dependence on sponsored ads and increase organic traffic via ranking high on search result pages. Catnap Web is an Australian SEO service that can help your eCommerce website reach a niche audience before competitors. It results in a boost in traffic drive and ultimately conversion rates.

Getting on Google’s second page is not at all helpful. Here are some best SEO practices that can help drive traffic to your eCommerce website.

Keyword relevancy and optimization

Keyword relevancy in eCommerce site matters. Determine the keywords cost-per-click, search volume, intent, and other aspects before using it. Check competitor’s websites to identify crucial keywords. In SEO, long-tail keywords are preferred because they most probably match user intent, which improves conversion rate. Keyword optimization is overlooked by marketers because it is challenging. Remember, if you don’t use keywords that users type when they search your business then your URL will not be ranked. It means no traffic and no sales!

Establish a simple website layout

The architecture or layout of your eCommerce website including the category and product web pages needs to be navigable. The design has to be simple user and search engine friendly. Every product has to be a few clicks away from the homepage.

On-page optimization

Some significant on-page optimization for an eCommerce website is –

  • Optimization of Meta titles & description
  • Product description including primary and LSI keywords
  • Use a short yet keyword–rich URL
  • Do internal linking
  • Add schema markup
  • Incorporate relevant, high quality, authentic infographics or images

Write customer-centric content 

Every step you take in eCommerce website optimization must finally benefit the consumers. Consumers are not bots…..meaningless, keyword-stuffed content can help you rank top on SERPs but not enable increasing conversion rates.

Hire professionals to write interesting and valuable content for the visitors and convince the search engines to rank on top.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO repairs the website issues, so you don’t lose traffic. It includes correcting broken links, deleting duplicate information, and eliminating obsolete pages.

Create an exclusive product description

An eCommerce site has multiple goods in the same category, which makes it hard to offer a unique description for every product. If the same description is used then content duplication concerns increases as it lowers site ranking that badly impacts traffic volume and conversion. So, create a convincing and exclusive description for every product.

Enhance site loading speed

Even if your eCommerce website sells high-quality products, slow page loading can cost you a significant number of customers. Besides, search engines consider speed as an algorithm to rank. Suggesting that the speed of your site is high allows you to get a high ranking on SERPs.


Website security management is also essential. Ensure to have an SSL certification and HTTPS status. The search engine considers security as a ranking algorithm. Even have a data backup strategy to restore it quickly in case of website hacking or other technical glitches.

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