Brides’ Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors and Bridesmaid Robes Gift

Wedding favors and bridesmaid gifts are certainly not a requirement for your wedding, but they are great ways to show your guests you appreciate their presence, especially for some who have traveled long and far just to attend your memorable event. 

A specific set of gifts for your bridesmaids make your wedding front liners feel more special too. While you don’t have to give out stuff, it sure feels nice that people have something to look at and remember your special day. 

When it comes to party favors, there are a lot to choose from and it gets tricky which one to settle for, unlike bridesmaid gifts in which the most famous token is either bridesmaid robes, jewelry, or both. We’ll help you narrow your choices down in this article.

Wedding Favors Selection Tips

Let’s start with wedding favors. Before you spend some bucks, take your time to think about it. A rule of thumb is to give guests something they will not feel like leaving behind or tossing into the trash the next day, which they will really appreciate you for and actually really want to bring to their home. Keep these in mind:

  • Mix Practicality with Personality

Well-kept and lasting wedding favors are the most practical ones. Other couples even opt for edible favors as they are the safest options. They can be eaten on the guests’ way traveling home or at home. You can also give them unique versions of items they can use from time to time while incorporating your and your partner’s personality.

For instance, you both love traveling. Try airplane-styled bottle openers. If you and your spouse love wine, then you can go for mini-wine bottle openers, or even just wine miniatures. If the two of you like golf, you can give out customized golf balls or tees. Or for something really unique send an interesting gift like pomegranate wine

Other little fancy, practical stuff you can customize and might want to consider are pizza cutters, measuring spoons, trinket dishes, salt and pepper shakers, cheese boards, spice blends, chopsticks, cocktail kits, pollinator pops, notebooks, vintage boxes, among others.

Put your feet on the shoes of your guests. What would you want to receive and keep if something is given to you? While you can stick to fail-safe edible favors enclosed in creative boxes, you can also try to hand them giveaways that could still be useful even for years after your wedding.

  • If You Want to Do a DIY

DIY wedding favors are a great way to save some bucks, but it’s not an easy path. Before you buy materials for an idea, try making one first to see if making hundreds of it wouldn’t be so dragging and tiresome for you. Assembling and wrapping these items can be very time-consuming, so make sure beforehand that you can stick to the project.

And if you have finally concluded to a brilliant idea, you don’t have to prepare them alone. You can actually hold a favor-assembling party with your friends and family members, with snacks and drinks to make them want to join the task. Making DIY favors is more fun with other people around.

Having decided to do DIY, it’s best that you order the materials at least one month before the wedding so you and the people you sought help with will have more time to prepare and finesse the items. A leeway of time is even more crucial, especially when you decide to do all the tasks by yourself.

  • Check Any Material Before Buying

Whether you want to make homemade crafts, delectables, or wrap ready-made items, make sure to check and see some samples first. Even if it’s just a wrapper, see to it you get the right product to make everything work out smoothly and consistently. If you’re buying scented candles, order one first to see if it has the smell you’re looking for. Better be sure than wrap hundreds of items that you dislike.

  • Personalize

Are you for DIYs or ready-made items? Either way, you can add a further touch of customization by putting your guests’ names or portraits in the favors. Or you can simply give them tiny creative portraits of their best looks. This will make them really see through your efforts, compared to just buying the items and wrapping them beautifully.

  • Make Sure to Have Some Extras

Even if you have already finalized your guest count, you could never be sure if the favors will be enough for everyone. Whether you give one per couple or one for each of them, it’s wise to have some extras of your items. 

You never know if some of your favors will be damaged or lost during transit. There are also some guests who might want more of the favors, or you and your fiance actually want to keep one or two for yourselves.

Bridesmaid Robes Gifting Tips

Now onto the more specific—bridesmaid robes. Your bridesmaids (or bridesman) are not just there as front liners in the aisle of your wedding, but usually, they are a few of the best people in your life who you expect to give you some help before and during the wedding. 

They are even the ones expected to host your bridal shower or party, help you select your gown, and lessen your wedding jitter feels. So, it just makes sense that you give them a more special token of appreciation, aside from the wedding favors. 

Some brides choose jewelry, while some buy bridesmaid robes set of 6 donned in the way they like and wrapped nicely to give to them as a lasting gift. If you have decided to give out bridesmaid robes, here are a few tips for you:

  • Choose the Right Fabric and Color

When it comes to bridesmaid robes, high price doesn’t always mean quality. It’s the type of fabric that mainly matters. Bridal clothing is usually made of satin or silk, both of which come in various types. 

Satin is the more stretchable and cheaper option than silk but shines lustrously and elegantly just as the latter. If you want real sheen and are more on the expensive side, silk fabrics don’t disappoint. And while you’re at it looking for the right fabric, make sure to get non-fading colors too. You will want your token to still be useful several years after your wedding.

  • Try Monograms

Monograms are engraved letters or embellishments in an item or clothing. Make your bridesmaids feel extra special by embedding their initials in their robes. Or if you want them to remember you and your spouse anytime they wear it, then monogram your and your fiance’s initials or first names instead.

  • Wrap It Nicely 

Bridesmaid robes are handed out days before the wedding. For that day, be sure to package your gifts nicely. To add a sweet touch, you can attach a fancy letter too. It’s the thought that counts.

Have you made up your mind about what gifts to hand to your guests and bridesmaids? There are many other ways aside from the tips above. And if you really don’t have much time to prepare, don’t stress yourself out. You can always just stick to ready-made ones, even up to wrappings. Days before and during the wedding are supposed to be fun, so don’t go overboard when you feel overwhelmed. 

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