Can You Sue If You Were a Passenger in the Car Accident?

This is the most common scenario of an accident. While Atlanta laws are very strict for road over crossing, still numbers have been reported. Sadly, if you were yourself involved in a car accident as a passenger, you can always hold the driver responsible. 

This is because while you were getting inside the car, you placed your trust in the hands of the driver and now you are the victim of someone else’s mistake and negligence. 

If you have suffered medical injuries while you were a passenger in the car, you can take the case to the court and claim for medical insurance and other compensation. This does not matter if the fault is driver’s or anyone else on the road you should get it. 

However, the case should be made strong enough in your favour to support all types of compensation. You should not directly produce the case in the court irrationally. Instead, it is advised to consult car accident attorneys and get the best of knowledge on how to produce the case effectively. 

Can You file an Injury Claim as a Passenger?

Yes, you can, and it does not matter if you are riding with another person or you are using rideshare service. Atlanta law allows everyone who is at fault to be held responsible. Depending on the specifics of the accident here are some points which you can consider.

The driver of the vehicle

Drivers in shared vehicles are commercial car drivers and they have professional experience which you can produce in court. Moreover, they have the duty to keep the passengers safe. However, if the fault is with the driver, you are in with, then you can use them against.

Other’s fault drivers

All Atlanta drivers have the duty to protect every citizen safe and sound. However, some drivers breach the duty due to utter negligence. Reckless driving and drunk driving are the main reasons which harm the passenger. 

Third parties

Most of the commercial vehicle owners have a fleet of cars and they need to maintain the vehicle while driving. However, if there is a faulty part in the vehicle then the case takes a 360 degree turn and it goes against the owner. 


This becomes very difficult to win a case when you are a passenger. It will be best if you hire an experienced attorney and fight on behalf of you.

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