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The first day of August was proclaimed Catmovies month by Google. That day a search in Google returned the 7th most visited website on the internet with over 1 billion visitors. Many are wondering what is so special about Catmovies. Well we’ll give you a scoop.

Google has a new blog post written by a Google engineer which can only be described as a huggable cat movie. The post has many thanks to the people who have donated funds to help fund the project. Google has used a special algorithm which is called Spritz, and has discovered that when you download a movie from Google Play it will give you a “surge” icon which will push you to the site’s paid section if you have enough money in your account to cover the cost. So many thanks to Google for doing a great thing for the film industry and making it possible for even the most broke person to watch their favorite movie at no cost.

So what is so unique about the catmovies app? Well the first thing that they do is they have a special section where you can find all the latest releases as well as previous movie rentals. This makes it possible for you to search and find anything you want. In addition, they also have an official website with all the current movie dates listed along with a synopsis. This makes it very easy for you to stay up to date on what is available. Currently there are no unrar options on this site other than the free download I mentioned above.

There are two ways to get access to the movies. First, you can use the Google Play Store and download the apps to your phone. Second, you can use the official Android Market app which is available in the Google Play Store and it gives you access to all the movies for free. Since the apps are still in testing, it would be best for you to use the second method as it would keep you from being scammed.

How do you get access to all the movies? You simple download one of the two apps from the Google Play Store and install it. Next, open the app, choose where you want to download the movies from and give it a try. If you have trouble downloading either of the apps, then I would suggest that you join the Android community for more help. Many thanks to spaggi posts for explaining how to get the movies.

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To add the movie to your Google Play list, just go to the play store, search for the movie you want and look under the title. Then go to settings and click on the add/edit button. You can also choose to download the movie directly from the Android Market app. That’s all, if you need more help with this topic just visit me at the Google+ page or Google+ conversational blog for more unrar tips and tricks.

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