Certified Scrum Master: What It Is About?

In managing projects and products across various sectors and industries, the agile framework had been adopted by many to increase the output values and smoothen the user-work interface. CSM® or Certified ScrumMaster comes to play a very important role in this preface. CSM® is made available through Scrum Alliance. The training is focused on progressing the overall performance of the respective teams. CSM® training and certification are thus valuable for those who want to become team leaders, or even better, project managers. The CSM® certification increases your credibility to become a manager and is also globally recognized across all IT sectors.

The Necessary Requirements-

  • There are no pre-requisites required to undertake the CSM® training, but a training is must to become certified.
  • To become an accolade of the CSM®, one must understand and have the fundamental ideas about Agile and Scrum Alliance. Scrum Alliance gives an overview of all types of expert blogs, presentations, reports, articles, and videos, necessary for the basics.

As the first step to get the certification,

  1. You need to undertake the training, which is generally for two days, held by certified and expert Scrum professionals.
  2. The training brings into your view about the work environment of Scrum and gives a gist on forming, organizing, and supporting teams.
  3. This training also lets you know about all the objectives, coaching, services, scopes, development of teams, and everything else you need to know about working in a Scrum sector.
  4. After the training, you must sit and pass the CSM® exam, which is conducted via the portal of Scrum Alliance. If you fail to sit for the exam within 90 days of your training, you need to pay a fine and then appear for it. Without the training, you cannot sit for the exam.

After passing the exam, and accepting the license agreement, you would be good to go and be called a certified CSM® professional.

Details of the Exam-

The CSM® exam is a multiple-choice-based paper, along with some questions of true/false. The total number of questions is 50 and the duration is of an hour or 60 minutes. You need to earn a score of 74% to call it a passing mark.

Value of Certified Scrum Master

There are several benefits of becoming a certified CSM®, both on an individual and organizational level-

  • You learn to manage your teams better, with correct plans and coordination.
  • With better planning, comes, better results, efficiently and effectively.
  • You learn to apply Scrum and its features smoothly and correctly everywhere it can be used and take special notice to see whether everyone is working at an equal pace under the Scrum framework.
  • Your career gets a boosting benefit with increased salary and better job prospective.


Thus, CSM® training is the one you must undertake if you want to become a manager at the earliest and give your career massive growth right at the beginning. Not only does your salary increase, but so does your experience, knowledge, and other career aspects. is Get The Latest Fashion website. At One Place like Arts Culture, Movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here and

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