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The first decade of the 21st century has witnessed Bhojpuriraas ascendancy in the entertainment sector. Local production is chiefly Bhojpur MPTV ka (BD Platform), which uses Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam dialogues with English subtitles. English-language films are released on major international film festivals like Sundance, Toronto andscillation. Some Bhojpuriraas movies are also available on DVD and have made a great impact among the masses. A few of the best Bhojpuriraas movies that have impressed the audience and got them talking about it are: “Kodambakkam”, “Chalevi”, “Thuppakki”, “Iruvar”, “Ran”, “Mankatha” and “Tujang”. Bhojpuriraas movies are also making its way in the big screens, with Hindi films directed by S.S. Rajamouli, Yash Chopra and S.S.hesh.

“Chalevi”, a comedy drama focusing on an upper class family, revolves around the petty quarrels and sibling rivalry prevalent between brother and sister Harikund, and their friends and colleagues Mani and Kavita. With local production being minimal, the producer opts for the option of using English and local Telugu dialogues, so as to make the film entertaining. It is a good mix of comedy and tragedy. In the first part, Harikund (played by Mani) goes to a football game in which he gets angry at his sister for not wearing a sari, while in the second half, Kavita (Nandini Satpathy) also gets upset over not wearing a sari, but is saved by Mani (Rajinikanth). After this, both sisters plot against each other, with Mani’s friends coming to the rescue. But their plans come to a violent halt when Kavita suffers a stroke and has to be cfcnet hospitalised.

“Tribang Bheema” or “The File Cabinet of Bhojpur” is yet another interesting story, with an all star cast comprising Nandini Sundaram, Mani Kaulan, Priya Paul, Manish Malhotra and Yash Chopra. Sundaram plays the role of a renowned surgeon who finds himself caught in the middle of a political crisis when his daughter Indira Bhela, Prime Minister’s wife takes refuge with an organization run by her lover. Sundaram then uses his influence to help Bhela return to power, but she discovers that the help is not as smooth as she thought. The story follows Sundaram as he attempts to remove the mysterious ‘doctor’ from Bhela’s party and discover the reason behind her sudden change of heart, while attempting to remove corruption in the medical fraternity. The movie is full of hilarious one liners and its references to Bhojpuriraas and other Indian professions are genuine and help us understand the mindset of our forefathers who were so used to laying emphasis on personal hygiene that the’Folder’ was invented to replace the Muddy Disk.

This comedy/drama features an all star cast headed by Yash Chopra. One interesting aspect of the film is that after some hilarious fighting between the good doctor and a group of terrorists in the third act, the audience finally discovers who the bad guys are – and that also means the bad guys get more time in jail. The story line in this film also has some interesting twists at the end which make the viewer sit up and take notice. It also has some great comic scenes, most of which are directed at the audience and are very entertaining .

This film is a perfect example of how a movie can speak on two levels to the audience. Not only does it talk to the minds of its characters, it also tries to capture the general feelings of humanity about a very timely subject. This Bollywood comedy/dramedy has won several Film Farewell Awards and has been one of the highest grossing films ever released by the Indian Film Industries. A superior blend of humor and social commentary, it is a must-see film on every true Bollywood fan’s list. A modern day epic, Bhumika holds no punches and is a definite must-see film

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