CSGO skins and sticker combinations that every collector dreams of

CSGO skins are cool, but for sophisticated collectors, it’s not enough just to get a rare and expensive gun. Today, rare stickers can make up a large part of the cost of weapons – some are also worth several thousand dollars.

We selected the most aesthetic combinations of guns and stickers. We chose CSGO skins and stickers based solely on beauty, without paying attention to the overall price.

M4A1-S Knight + Crown Decal (Metal)

Incredibly expensive set (the Knight costs more than $1000, and the Crown – more than $500), which at the same time looks amazing.

AK-47 “Red Line” + Sticker “IBUYPOWER Katowice 2014” (metal)

The red stickers are perfectly combined with the skin and create a very beautiful gun. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a weapon – one such sticker costs several thousand dollars.

USP-S “Orion” + any yellow/orange sticker

This pistol skin pairs perfectly with yellow or orange professional team stickers. For example, Fnatic.

Glock-18 “Weasel” + Sticker “Howl”

How to upgrade a cute weasel skin? Attach the head of a sinister beast, which is depicted on the Howl skin, to it.

AK-47 “Surface hardened” (blue pattern) + Sticker “Titan Katowice 2014” (holographic)

Perhaps the most expensive skin from today’s selection. Not only does the Surface Hardened skin with a blue pattern cost more than 30 thousand dollars, but the price of each sticker exceeds 2-3 thousand. It is hardly worth it, but the gun really looks mind-blowing.

AK-47 “Jaguar” + Sticker “IBUYPOWER Katowice 2014” (holographic)

This skin, which is called “Pink Panther”, is similar to the Glock “Weasel”. It is much more expensive than a pistol, but it also looks much more spectacular.

Dragon Tale AWP + Dragon Tale Sticker (Holographic)

With the CS 20th Anniversary Capsule, Valve added a “Tale of the Dragon” sticker that perfectly matches the sniper rifle of the same name.

Galil “Eco” + any Flipsid3 sticker

Any green sticker would look cool with this skin, but we chose a cannon with Flipsid3 stickers. Just because of nostalgia for Markelov.

AK-47 “Traveler” + “Bish”, “Bash”, “Bosh” stickers (holographic)

The Traveler skin itself consists of many stickers from different countries, and Bish, Bash, and Bosh holographic stickers will give it even more flavor.

Stickers prices

The fact that skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can reach exorbitant prices has long been known. But, in addition to skins, this game also has stickers. They also occupy a significant part of the CS:GO market, but collectors usually pay a little less attention to them than skins.

Some stickers cost thousands of dollars. The rarest specimens cost like a brand-new car. But what determines the price of a sticker? Largely because of its rarity. The game has the following stickers: top class, notable type, exotic type, extraordinary type, and contraband type.

Many of them only have the regular variant, but some stickers come in a holographic or metallic variant. There are standard glossy stickers that leave no paper marks when scraped off, paper-backed glossy stickers that leave a paper trail when scraped off until completely removed, holographic stickers that create a holographic effect, metallic stickers that are shiny and slightly reflective of shadows, and gold stickers.

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