Curiosity is great. And Dora the Explorer is one of the most courageous and curious of them all. Let your kid be the same.

Each and every one of the Dora the Explorer games which you can find online on – – are exciting, fun, educational, and full of adventure! Children of all ages can learn a lot of great things going on a short imaginary adventure with Dora, Boots, and Diego. The story is filled with animals, teachable moments, and a lot of interesting facts that could help them in life until they are full-on adults.

Dora is always set to go on a new adventure with Boots, and you will see through the Dora the Explorer games which are mostly made by Nickelodeon that she is loving nature. Being in nature all day long will give a kid the opportunity to meet with soft animals from the woods like deers, squirrels, cats, dogs, rabbits, foxes, or even monkeys like Boots, which is Dora’s best friend. Do you have a best friend with which you can go on such adventures?! Tell us in the Dora games section, and we are sure that we can make you and Dora with Boots to be best friends.

Of course, adventures can be dangerous, so you will see that she and Boots are always careful, because in the woods, in the desert, or in urban settings that you can meet with jaguars, lions, tigers, elephants, or horses, which you will see that will help Dora to learn a few behavior things, like keeping distance, staying calm and respect animals more and more, which any kid should learn from an early age.

Teaching kids how to explore and ask questions

Dora can teach you how to ask the proper questions: The main character of the Dora games or the Dora the Explorer series or the brand new movie is always meeting new people and entering new situations, and it’s important to know how to ask questions. You will see that she is always starting with excuse me or ending with I’m sorry if I disturbed or thank you.

Dora always wants to learn new things: In new situations, Dora always is curious about the outcome. In many of the educational games, she is going to ask questions, and you will be by her side to start and try to give the right answer. That’s going to vary from math problems, a quiz, spelling issues, and even grammar on different texts.

Never be afraid to ask for help: The Dora adventure games are almost 100% of the time in the wilderness, and Dora, Diego or Boots often get into trouble in the woods. Meaning that they step on a branch and fall, they might break a leg or arm if they fall hard, they get scratches and bruises, and that’s when Dora, Boots or Diego will ask for help from a doctor. Playing the Dora doctor challenges will make you understand how to be more careful when you run outside so that you don’t end up having the same injuries.

Why kids need to explore:

Dora looks for clues: You will see through the hidden objects, hidden stars and hidden numbers games that Dora is always looking for the little details that can make a difference. If a young boy or a young girl starts to look at these little details from a fragile age, their brain will develop such it’s going to always look for small details that can help them to get out of a jam.

Why is Dora always wearing boots: being a true explorer, Dora is always in the middle of the woods, the city or the desert, and these are dangerous places for anyone, not only for a little girl. She is wearing leather boots that are thick, in order to protect her feet if she is going to step on a nail, a thick branch, a venomous spider, snake or scorpion, and so she will not need to have a trip to the doctor!

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