Do You Really Need a Title IX Attorney for Campus Sexual Harassment Charges in the US?

The charges of misconduct and a Title IX sexual harassment accusation are pretty serious all across the US. It’s not just the career that’s at stake, the entire life of the accused student (even parents and guardians) is at risk. Though most schools across the USA offer in-school advisors, the interest of those advisors lies with the school, not you. 

If you’ve been charged under the Title IX sexual assault, you specifically require a powerful Title IX lawyer. Wondering why? Well, we have the answers and we have listed them below. Have a look!

What’s Different About Title IX Sexual Harassment Charges? 

To begin with, Title IX is a criminal offense in the USA. Title IX comes under civil rights law. Although about 80% of the cases of sexual misconduct in a school aren’t tried as criminal cases, 20% are. And that 20% is a big if! 

If unfortunately, you find yourself being tried in a criminal court, things get pretty ugly. Not only are there chances of getting convinced, but the accused will also be listed as a sexual offender. 

The worst thing is that the interest and rights of the accused (also known as the respondent) come last. Nobody will bother to take the statement of the accused, let alone hear the other side of the story. 

To make matters worse, even a kiss that’s complained as forced can be framed as a serious criminal offense. 

The school might call sexual misconduct non-consensual sex, but within the law, it’s rape. And getting accused of rape is the end of a bright future in the US. 

Clearly, the ramifications if the case isn’t handled with care are very serious. The damage done cannot be reversed if you end up losing the case. That’s exactly why you need to have the best lawyers defending you. 

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Do You Really Need a Title IX Attorney?

Just because the majority of Title IX cases aren’t prosecuted in a criminal court and handled at the school level does not mean that the accusation won’t harm you. 

You will miss out on job opportunities and you might not ever be able to intern from a reputed company. 

All in all, the blot of being a sexual offender will chase you all your life. If you don’t want your future at risk, it’s important that you let a professional title IX lawyer defend your case. 

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