Do you think you don’t really live alone at home? Here are the signs that indicate you have a ghost roommate

For anyone who doesn’t believe in ghosts, this article would sound like crazy. But for those who know that “we are not alone”, it could be very useful. Because many are the witnesses of unexplained phenomena who attest to having experienced these disturbing phenomena. And apart from the supernatural, nothing could explain what they saw or heard.

Ghosts, poltergeists, poltergeists… How do they manifest?

For most specialists, ghosts are around us and few of them manifest themselves. Forget the clichés about ghosts you see in horror movies: most spirits are completely harmless and live around us without any movement or signs of presence. But sometimes, some people like to let it be known that they are there? Why? Often, their manifestation is due to their death, often violent. The mind finds it difficult to leave the place following a feeling of incompleteness. It is observed in cases where the deceased was killed or suffered violence. It is rather rare for a spirit to come to haunt places after a death of peaceful old age.

Here are some signs you have a ghost roommate:


Most of the time, these noises arrive at night and always in the same area of a house or apartment. You hear footsteps, or someone rummaging through drawers. If sometimes it’s just your neighbors upstairs who forgot to take off their shoes or rodents wandering around in the attic, it could also be a ghost.

Your cat or dog is acting strangely

Your cat looks at a fixed point, then seems to be absorbed by obscure and rapid movements… However, not a flying insect or any other presence whatsoever to report? Your dog barks for no apparent reason and seems to be after the corner of a room when there is nothing there. This may indicate the presence of a ghost and you need psychic advice. Because yes, animals perceive more things than we do!

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There are stealthy drafts

Have you noticed that the temperature suddenly drops, without you having opened a window or a door? This can be caused by a specter trying to scare you away. Or else it is your house that is poorly insulated.

What to do in case of ghost presence?

If the latter does not scare you, you can totally live by his side. If, on the contrary, the spirit is said to be “striker”, it is rather necessary to act. There are several age-old techniques for getting rid of a ghost. The first is very simple, just tell him to leave. Sometimes that’s enough. Of course, it must be done with a minimum of conviction. If this is not enough, there are several options, to adopt according to your beliefs and convictions: prayers to St Michael for Catholics or burning sage, as practiced in Native American culture.

Another ancient technique: put unrefined salt (especially not white) in the four corners of the room. Essential oils can also be useful: lemongrass, eucalyptus… As a bonus, it will pleasantly perfume your interior. And Finally, if you want to replace your ghost roommate with a real one, just check out this roommate finder.

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