Dragon Tiger Online Casino Bet Types

There are many choices of casino games that can be played practically on online casino sites. One of them that is being talked about a lot is the dragon tiger. This is a new game added to of casino sites.

This game is very similar to baccarat which is usually found in casino places. But it’s simpler, besides that this game is more popular in Asia because it comes from Thailand. Because it’s simple, bettors can quickly understand how to play this new casino bet.

The Easiest Dragon Tiger Online Casino Bet Type

Dragon tiger is a game where there will be two camps namely the dragon and the tiger. Then bettors have to estimate which side will win, if pairing with tigers means betting for the tiger side, if pairing with dragons means betting on strongholds of dragons. Bettors can also place a tie, if the bet is a balanced game.

How similar to baccarat is not it? But in the game of baccarat there are other rules such as when you want to take a third card. In the Dragon Tiger game, this is not the case. That is, the rules are simpler, which is why many beginners also like this game. For more details about this new type of casino game, just take a look at the reviews below.

1. Dragon, Tiger, Tie bet types

This is the most common or basic type of dragon tiger bet. That is, bettors put up a dragon, tiger, or tie. For more details, see the following.

-If the winner is the dragon camp, then the bettors who install the dragon win while the others lose.

-If the one who wins is the tiger side, then the bettors who put the tiger on win while the others lose.

-If the game results are balanced, then the bettors who put the tie win while the other losers.

For those who install a dragon or tiger, and then win, they can get paid with a 1: 1 system. This means that they can get 1x the bet that has been placed. However, if you put a tie, and it turns out to be a win, the payment system obtained is 1: 8. So bettors can get 8x the bet placed.

2. Bet Types Dragon Small, Dragon Big

If you install a big dragon, bettors bet that the dragon side will win with a high card value, which is more than 8. Then if you install a small dragon, bettors bet that the dragon side will get a small card, which is a value of 6 or less. If you win on both of these bets, bettors will get paid with a 1:1 system, so it’s the same as the dragon and tiger bets in the first point, which can get paid 1x the bet placed.

3. Tiger Small, Tiger Big Bet Types

This is the same bet as the second point, but this time it is the Tiger side. So if you put a big tiger, bettors bet that the tiger side will win with a high card value of 8 or greater. Then if you install a small tiger, it means that bettors bet on the tiger side that they will get a small card, which is 6 or less. The payment system used in this type of bet is also the same, namely 1: 1.

That’s the list of the easiest online casino dragon tiger bet types. Understanding the information above, will definitely make beginners able to determine their bets more maturely on the best online casino site indonesian. And in addition, you should not expect too much from the tie, because the percentage of ties occurring is only around 9.5%.

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