Emo robot on amazon | Upgrade Your Emo Robot Firmware

If you want to make your Emo robot more useful and fun, you should upgrade its This is something that you can do through the mobile application or the settings option. After downloading the latest, you can check for new features and bug fixes. Before upgrading the firmware, you should first disconnect your smart light so that Emo cannot use it while it is charging. Updating the firmware will also make Emo compatible with the Alexa, Google Assistant, and other Smart Home devices.

Unlike other robots on the market, the is capable of recognizing its owner, and even knows how to recognize people. The Emo robot is capable of learning the face of people it recognizes and responds to physical contact. Because of its high-quality speaker, Emo can play your favorite tunes and respond to your facial expressions. This robot has over a thousand facial expressions and will recognize your voice and recognize your

With a friendly face and a consistent and predictable voice, the Emo robot is a wonderful new friend for children with special needs. It’s easy to trust and less likely to criticize the children. Children with autism can spend 20 minutes with EMO every day, which has been proven to improve their performance in school and help them become more aware of themselves. The robot is also designed to be used in a family and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, which make it easy to use


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