Fighting Boredom: Top 5 Best Autumn Slots

Autumn is a wonderful time, the charm of the eyes! During the day you can walk and enjoy the bright palette of leaves on the tree crowns, and in the evening you can comfortably sit in a rocking chair with a hot mug of chocolate and listen to the light howling of the wind outside the window.

In such dank weather, you just want to get under the blanket with your head and stay there forever. What to take with you? We suggest you to think about several truly “autumnal” online slots Canada, which not only dispel evening boredom but also, with the right approach, can bring new emotions and memories!

Autumn Queen

To start our thematic selection with the most autumn slot – Queen of Autumn, which came from a team of talented NOVOMATIC developers.

You are presented with classic and familiar graphics for this developer. But it gives the slot a unique charm. The game goes through the classic five reels, each of which is filled by the Queen of Autumn. The RTP of the slot is 95.04%, but with the generous bonus game, you can’t go full circle.

During usual spins, a Wild symbol appears, which replaces other pictures. And if you are lucky, and from three to five colorful autumn leaves have fallen on the reels of the slot, then a bonus round is launched for you – five free additional spins. Free spins may be extended up to 80 runs, but your goal is to catch a special symbol – a bright fall leaf, which going to give you a maximum payout of 10,000 coins.

Golden Harvest

For someone, fall is a cup of warm green tea and plaid, and for others – time to collect a crop! But even for such melancholic players, we have a unique offer for slots. Playing, namely harvesting, they can retire in a chair and devote themselves entirely to the game.

The themes of the Golden Harvest from the gaming giant Microgaming stand perfectly – the endless golden wheat fields on which the playing field is located. A feature of the slot is the presence of the mechanics of Megaways – 243 (!) method of constructing a combination. The game goes through five reels and 20 fixed lines. As for bonus options, you have a great opportunity to increase your bankroll with free spins. To achieve this, you need to collect from 3 to 5 points, which will trigger 45 free spins.

WILD works as usual – replaces symbols on a paid. But sunflower plays a special role – any combination is multiplied with him on 2. And five of these images give a jackpot of 100 000 coins.

Vivaldi Seasons

How can you talk about autumn and not remember the immortal works of Antonio Vivaldi? This is what inspired the creators of this fascinating slot. To somehow divide the seasons among themselves, beautiful young girls appear on the screens, accompanied by amazing music.

The slot machine is very unobtrusive, but it is unusual in its kind. A five-reel field familiar to avid players, the standard wild symbol replaces images but is paid separately, and only free spins are available in additional games.

Despite the ease of passing the game, it is included in the category of “the most beloved” by a huge number of players. Have you tried it!? Now is a perfect time!

Magic Mushrooms

Autumn is not only bright foliage and still warm rain, it is also a real forest treasure! As you understand, we are talking about mushrooms. Our next themed slot called Magic Mushrooms is dedicated to such an important skill as collecting them.

The search for mushrooms is conducted in a standard form – on five reels and 40 lines. Combinations can be built in two directions, which significantly increases your chances of winning. The unique feature of the slot is, of course, mushrooms, where each of them has special magical properties. So, a purple mushroom will help to build combinations, replacing other unnecessary characters, a blue mushroom will multiply the winnings to = 10, and a bright red one can burst and scatter as many as 4 wild symbols on the playing field.

Today’s Weather

Autumn is such a time that in the morning you look out of the window to see what the passers-by are wearing and don’t understand anything – someone is in a T-shirt, and someone is already in a hat and a winter jacket. In such rare moments, we want to have an accurate weather forecast, and not rely on forecasters or other people’s feelings. This is what our latest slot in this collection is dedicated to – Today’s Weather from Microgaming.

This slot machine can be classified as “exclusive”. In which another slot will you let you guess the weather? The slot’s playing field is standard – five reels and 25 active lines. Here the simplicity of the game ends. It is interesting to implement the free spins option here: the forecast for 5 days begins when the scatters fall out, where the player needs to choose one of the days. So, depending on the weather conditions that promise to be on this day, one of the bonus rounds will start: it can be sun, rain, strong wind, or snow-white snow. Each round offers its features, bonuses, and benefits for players.

Quite naturally, against the background of such bright bonus rounds, the Wild symbol periodically appearing on the field may seem an insignificant phenomenon. Nevertheless, it is and is paid separately each time it appears on the field. In a word, this is a very light and cozy slot that can be easily played anywhere, anytime.

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