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Are you looking for a daybed for your home but aren’t sure where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss some of the things you need to consider when shopping for a daybed to ensure you choose the right one for the space.

What is a daybed? It’s a dual piece of furniture used as a bed and sofa. It has arms like a sofa, but a comfortable mattress replaces the cushions. Unless specified, daybeds aren’t built to be slept in every night by adults. They are meant for more casual lounging and napping.

You can find them in the same materials as normal beds, such as wood and metal. Some are completely upholstered, like sofas, and the fabrics are available in many colors, patterns, and prints. When it’s time to choose a style, consider what you’ll primarily use the daybed for.

Most of them are twin-sized beds, but recently full-sized daybeds have become popular. The full-sized beds don’t function well as sofas, so keep that in mind as you shop. You’ll find some with open space under the frame or drawers for storage. Trundles are another feature that’s included in the daybed’s design.

There are two kinds of trundles. The standard one can be pulled out from under the frame and remains on the floor level. The other type of trundle can be lifted and fastened to the daybed’s mattress. You can use the trundle like a drawer to store items if you don’t want to put an extra mattress there. Day time beds can be find here online in a variety of styles.

Daybeds are great for studio apartments where your space is limited. If you have a guest that needs to stay overnight, you won’t need to use an air mattress that will take up space you don’t have to spare. The daybed converts from a seating area to a bed without any effort or increasing its footprint.

If you have a standard-sized home but no extra bedrooms, add a daybed to the living room or den to give visitors a place to sleep. Put one with a trundle in your kid’s room for sleepovers with friends.

As far as materials, choose one that best suits its usage. Wood frames are very common and come in many different styles. They’re the most durable, so wood is the way to go if the bed will get a lot of use.

Metal frames are strong and easy to clean. These beds also aren’t as heavy as wooden frames, so they tend to be less expensive. Be sure to choose one with a durable finish that’s resistant to corrosion to ensure the bed’s longevity. Another thing to keep in mind is the weight specifications. Mattresses on daybeds are thinner than traditional mattresses and may not support the full weight of an adult.

Now you have enough information to start shopping for a new daybed, so don’t settle and get one that fits your needs.

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