Five Reasons Why You Need Accident and Sickness Insurance

Accidents and illnesses cannot be foreseen, making it obvious how helpless we are in averting them. Though these can’t be stopped, you can assuredly prevent them from jeopardizing the finances and security of your loved ones, especially if you are the sole breadwinner of the family. Accident and sickness Mechanic and Auto Repair Shop Insurance exists to aid you during such hard times.

In the joy of owning a new vehicle, we often try to skip the tedious process of securing insurance before the drive. But, this often leads to more difficulty and chaos later. Hence, Surex has come forward to ensure you a smooth process of securing the best insurance at the lowest price from your locality. Your assistant guides you throughout the process and saves you the tiring process of comparing rates.

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Why Accident and Sickness Insurance?

Being unaware of some of the important reasons pulls back many drivers from securing good insurance right at the start. The main focus of these accident and sickness insurance is to get you back to normal health and life faster after an accident.

They offer better benefits than traditional medical plans or personal insurances. Plus, they are much more affordable than traditional medical insurances. However, this insurance would only cover the expenses if you are involved in an accident. Thus, it should not be considered as a substitute for general medical insurance.

Types of Accident and Sickness Insurance

The following types of accident and sickness insurance are available for individuals:

Short Term

This policy provides cover if you aren’t able to work for a short period (usually 6-12 months). This is not a viable option as you have to shell out money from your pocket after the policy period.

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Long Term

This policy would cover your expenses if you cannot return to work for more than a year. Some policies provide coverage right until your retirement.

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance

This policy comes into play when you lose your job due to an accident or sickness, without any fault of yours. This comes in handy in case you end up losing your job due to an accident or sickness.

Benefits of an Sickness and Accident Insurance

Below are some exceptional features that make accident and sickness insurance handier and more service-friendly than other insurance plans.

Accident Benefits

Accident and sickness insurance allows you to claim the bills incurred due to the accident like emergency first-aids, medical exams, rehabilitation expenses, caretaker fees, etc. In case of accidents leading to death, these insurances also cover up the death and funeral expenses — some of the cases are not usually qualified for compensation under other insurances.

Speeds Up Claim Processes

Having accident and sickness insurance ensures a faster claim settlement process. Filing suits in courts, the unnecessary delays in sanctioning of claims, stress and frustrations that come along with it, can be avoided only if you spend a few hours in the beginning to insure your health and vehicles.

By making the process faster and smoother, the insurance relieves you of the financial stress and worries and lets you focus better on your recovery, thus getting you back on your feet sooner than expected.

Direct Payment of Money

Unlike in medical plans, accidental insurances ensure that the reimbursed money is paid directly to you, not hospitals or doctors. This direct payment method helps you get a monopoly over the claim and lets you use it more effectively according to the expenses you face during that crisis.

Gives Coverage Where Medical Plans Don’t

Traditional medical plans cover your bills by reimbursing the amount to the hospital and the doctors. Accidental and sickness insurances, on the other hand, cover you far better in cases of critical illness (broken limbs, heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etc.) and the non-medical bills like copayments and deductibles.

Another vital advantage of accident and sickness insurance is that it gives you the choice of going for the best treatment even if it is miles away from your home. The insurance covers the transportation and lodging expenses incurred due to the accident or the unexpected illness.

Supplements Disability Insurance

While disability insurance and accident insurance cover almost similar health expenses, the disability insurance elimination period (the time between the occurrence of the accident to actually receiving the claim) is longer than the accident insurance.

So adding complimentary accident insurance to your medical plans or health insurances, provides you directly a fixed amount of money every month (and you also have the choice of receiving it as a lump sum at the beginning itself), which you can spend towards any emergency need- even for the month’s groceries or your kids’ tuition fees.

Best Substitute For Expensive Life Insurance

If you are looking for affordable insurance that would protect your family from unexpected financial breakdowns due to accidents or illness, accident insurance is your best choice to go for.

These usually have low premiums that don’t add much burden to the monthly financial budget. You also get cash benefits as high as $40,000 to $60,000 if you experience serious conditions like a coma. In case of accidental deaths, your beneficiary receives cash benefits as high as $350,000.

Gives a Sense of Security to the Family

When you are down with a serious accident or illness, the claims/monthly claims that the accidental and sickness insurances will also help meet the family’s needs to some extent. The financial burden and stress on your loved ones is thus reduced, and a great crisis can be averted. Students are also reimbursed with their tuition fees and grants during their stay away from the school. Visit Here: ifun tv

What Have You Learned About Accident and Sickness Insurance Canada?

Some things can never be averted, but their adverse impact can be avoided. Accident and sickness insurance is one such protection against the inevitable — it shelters you from unexpected crises and calamities that hit your life. Thus, it is always wise to opt for one.

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