Full moon love spells

The full moon influences people in different ways. It causes insomnia and anxiety, inspires creative people, and makes dreamers dream. Such lunar effects result from elevated energy levels in people seen during the full moon, as well as an improved intuition and psychic abilities. People and the moon are closely connected and its impact on us shouldn’t be underestimated. It also makes sense to take advantage of it and cast full moon love spells which, unlike many other spells, give fantastic results. Connecting with an experienced anchor like Spellcaster Maxim is the surest way to casting potent love rituals

Ancient magic practitioners and priests were well aware of the lunar effects on life, performing the most energy-consuming rituals during the full moon. Moreover, there are hundreds of rituals which can be performed only when there is a full moon, because they prove ineffective when performed at any other time. But let’s not jump to conclusions. A full moon doesn’t necessarily make your love spell super powerful. To perform a successful love ritual, you should start preparing for it one lunar month prior to the date of your ritual. You should enter a new phase of your life which primary goal is energy purification and concentration. We’ve posted many articles about energy purification methods and techniques on our blog. Review them and follow the instructions provided so you meet a full moon having almost as much power as a professional magic practitioner.​

Casting love spells on a full moon

We’ll tell you about casting love spells on a full moon later in this article. In the meantime, let’s figure out your personality type. The thing is, depending on your personality, a full moon can either benefit or harm you. For this reason it’s important to be able to accumulate and purify your energy, as well as to be able to control it.

Unlike other people, magic practitioners can control their energies. It’s like controlling one’s muscles. Two people can arm wrestle and the stronger will win. However, if they get to compete in long-distance running marathon or a gymnastics or acrobatics competition, the stronger one is likely to lose, while the other one will run longer, do more pushups, and perform coordination exercises much better than the muscular athlete.

So it’s important to be able to control your energy. It takes one years to obtain this skill – the time you probably don’t have. You’re in love with someone and it hurts knowing you’re not loved back, and you can’t wait to do something about it. You want to cast a love spell. There is a better option though. You can hire a professional magic practitioner and let him do it for you ensuring quality and fast results and giving you what you’ve always wanted – a strong, loving and lasting relationship with a life partner who really cares for you.

If you still want to cast a love spell by yourself, find out what energy type you are. Today we’ll talk about two energy types (even though there are more): people who can full moon spells successfully and people who tend to lose control of their energy when the moon is full. If you are the second energy type but still cast a magic spell on a full moon, you may lose so much energy during the ritual that it’ll take you months to recover from it. Moreover, love magic should be as gentle and soft as a touch of a girl’s hand. It should be delicate and careful ensuring the target doesn’t suspect anything. For this reason you should be able to control your energy. Otherwise, your spell will be like a blow causing the target to feel fear, shock and anxiety instead of love, and the target is likely to go to a sorcerer or a witch and ask for help.

Energy imbalance can be identified by the following signs and symptoms:

  • You tend to suffer from insomnia during the full moon;
  • You tend to fight with people more during the full moon;
  • You tend to be inattentive and careless and have trouble focusing;
  • Your fingers are twitching when you look at them;
  • You tend to feel scared at night (you see or feel something scary);
  • If you manage to fall asleep, you have nightmares;
  • Your body smells strange (usually it’s an unpleasant body odor);
  • The bad you have in you which you’ve been successfully hiding comes to light;
  • You can’t stand seeing other people as their presence is bothering you;
  • Your voice becomes low and hoarse.
  • It seems like you’re being spied on;
  • You notice things in your place which weren’t there before.

These signs mean you shouldn’t cast love spells for full moon. If you’re not ready and don’t feel comfortable talking to a professional magic practitioner, buy a special amulet to improve your energy. With this amulet, you’ll manage to keep your energy under control even during the full moon. Alternatively, cast your love spell on a new moon. During the new moon your energy is less agitated, so it’s easier to keep it under control.  As for the waxing moon rituals, we’ll describe them later in this article, so read on.​

The full moon love ritual

Before you start performing this full moon love ritual, make sure the sky is clear and you can actually see the moon. You need it not only as proof of this lunar phase, but also as what can activate your energy. If you have a bad intuition, come up to the window and look at a full moon. It will improve your intuition allowing you to predict some future events which will happen to you or to someone else.

To perform this ritual, you need a really sharp pair of scissors, a picture of the person you love, and one magic candle. As soon as the sun goes down, put a candle on the windowsill and light it. With your eyes on the sky, say:

“My sister, moon, come and spend this evening with me. We’ll sit down, talk to each other, and tell each other about what’s bothering us. You’ll tell me how cold you feel in the night sky, while I’ll tell you how lonely I feel without the love of (the target’s name). You’ll help me cast a love spell, while I’ll warm you up. Come, come, come! I’m waiting for you. I’m leaving this candle, sister, for you to not get lost, for you to find my house. Its flame will help you find the way to me.”

Now wait for the moon to rise in the night sky. When it does and nothing blocks your view of it (such as trees, clouds, buildings, overhead power lines, etc.), take the scissors and the picture and go outside or to the patio. Raise your hand with the picture in front of the moon (while holding the scissors in the other hand) and say out loud:

“You, moon, told me my loved one had his own life. It was interesting and full, there was no room for me in it. But you, moon, told me my happiness was in my hands and that my loved one would fall in love with me if I free him from what’s keeping him from loving me. Hence I’m holding a pair of scissors in my hand like I do my fate, and cutting off everything that doesn’t let him love me.”

Start cutting off pieces of the picture while rotating it. Stop when there is a circle left which is the size of the moon, with the face of your loved one in the middle of this circle.

Kiss the picture on the lips and say:

“Here’s the true you. Here’s your soul, as pure as the day you were born, connecting to my soul. Now you’ll fall in love with me because I’m your destiny, your true love, the reason you live, your happiness. You’ll love me deeply and forever. If someone wants to break us up, they should find this pair of scissors, find all the pieces of the picture, and put them back together the way they were. This is when my spell will be broken. This is when you’ll fall out of love with me. But the moon won’t light their way, won’t show them the pieces of the picture, and won’t help them find them. The moon will protect our love, rising every night to fill our feelings with new light and new strength.”

Then hide the scissors where no one will be able to find them. Some magic practitioners suggest burying them wrapped in a white cloth. Hide the picture into a photo pendant or a case made specifically for it. Come back to the moon, bend to it and say:

“Thank you for your help. Without you, full moon love spells don’t work. Thank you for your wisdom – you taught me what to do and what to say. Thank you for your light which didn’t leave me alone in the dark. Thank you for the strength which will help me keep my loved one in love with me.”

An easier ritual is performed if you want to get someone to like you. It’s used by people who prefer to count on their own energy rather than influence the energy of the target, because that way the feelings are more natural and sincere. This kind of love is supported by Higher Powers and it doesn’t affect the spell caster. If you use white magic, you shouldn’t worry about it. If your intentions are pure, you protect your karma and can always count on the support of Light Forces from Higher Worlds.​

To perform this ritual, buy a silver bottle or a flask with a cap. Fill it with pure water and take it out when there is a full moon in the sky. Go to bed. In the morning, a few minutes before the sunrise, bring the container in and wash your face with the moonlight-charged water. Use about one fourth of the water. Spatter ¼ over the doorstep, saying:

“It’s for my loved one to know which way to go!”

Spatter ¼ over the doorstep of your loved one’s house, saying:

“It’s for you, my love, to never leave me or fall in love with someone else after finding me!”

Keep the last fourth until the next full moon. Pour it in your hand and throw it at the moon, saying:

“It’s for you, moon, for managing to bind my love’s heart (his name) to my heart (your name). For keeping him with me. For not letting him leave me. For not giving him to anyone else.”

The ritual will take effect in about one month. This is when you should expect to see some results.

New moon love spells

Waxing or new moon love spells, which are usually referred to as “new moon love spells” are cast not only because the moon, when in these phases, calms down the energy of emotional and hyperactive people. A waxing moon is a great tool to cast spells. If a spell is cast on a waxing moon, its power will grow along with the moon. The bigger the moon, the more the spell will impact the target. The spell has the most impact when the moon is full.

However, this is also the weakness of the new moon love spells. If the moon starts to wane but the spell hasn’t been activated yet, it will never be. It’ll get weaker and one day lose its powers completely.

To perform this ritual, you need a wooden bowl which can hold a few liters of water. Before you cast your love spell, make sure fate is okay with your relationship, because you might be wrong about the target. Perhaps, someone else is destined to you and this person is close but you just don’t realize who it is. Perhaps, you think you’re in love with the target but in fact you’re in love with this person whom you haven’t met yet or you have but for some reason don’t think of him as your future life partner.​

To find out what you need, fill the wooden bowl with water and put it on the table in a way so you could see the new moon’s reflection in it. Put four candles around it: red, white, yellow and light green. Light them. Now take a big walnut and crack it open with a knife carefully. Take the nut out and put one of the shell halves in the middle of the bowl to float like a toy boat.

Write down the names of the candidates on individual pieces of paper and attach them to the edge of the bowl in a circle at similar intervals. Add one more piece of paper saying “Someone I haven’t met yet”. This paper will symbolize someone you’re about to meet. Put a gold ring inside the nutshell. It should be an old ring you’ve had for many years which you bought new. Don’t use rings given to you by someone else or rings which belonged to someone else before you.

Now say:

“I want to know the truth. Having learned it, I won’t make any mistakes.”

Now see which direction the nutshell points to. It will point to the person destined to you. If it’s the target, go ahead and put a love spell on him. There is a wide range of love spells described on our blog which are cast on a waxing crescent moon. Pick anyone you like after reviewing its description carefully. Make sure to make all necessary preparations and comply with the timelines, and you’ll be able to cast your spell successfully.

If the nutshell points to someone else or someone you haven’t met yet, don’t cast any spells. Just open your heart and wait. Whatever’s meant to happen will happen. Your fate will be in control of it, and fate wants people to be happy, unless they don’t listen to it and do things it doesn’t approve.

Experienced esoteric authorities like Spellcaster Maxim are perfect handlers to guide your spell. Seasoned esoteric authors will provide you all the support needed to perform potent love rituals. Check more article

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