Green CS:GO skins

And let’s figure out the top green CS:GO skins? Expensive ones are trite, budget ones already exist, and there were also those that were growing in price. But the selections by color can not be said to be many. It is necessary to correct this moment, which we did at our leisure. It turned out unusual, but you will like it.

Selecting nominees for green CS:GO skins was not easy for several reasons:

  • candidates are mostly boring;
  • some skins look faded (green apple is an example of this);
  • it was necessary to select 10 candidates, which greatly complicated the task.

We will assume that we coped with the task, and you will rate this top.

AK-47 Wild Lotus

Green CS GO skins are unimaginable without this work of art. The completed composition is replete with flowers, leaf motifs, ornaments, and small touches. And even though there are a lot of red elements here, the base is still a rich green hue, so it fits perfectly into the top.

But accessibility is more difficult. In a spherical vacuum, for the battle-hardened version, they ask for about $900. But seriously, add at least $400-500 on top. And this is provided that the rifles do not have a StatTrak counter.

AWP Tree Viper

This exhibit directly tells us that green skins in CS GO can be damn beautiful. It is enough to look at how meticulously the author drew each element of the snake’s scales while playing with all the shades of a rich range from turquoise to a sea wave.

What is characteristic, even with strong wear of the skin, the viper remains just as bright and detailed. Only the background and metal elements of the case suffer. And this option, by the way, will cost much cheaper – from $1.6.

AWP Distribution

We thought for a long time where to stop: this masterpiece, or the Viper. On the side of the latter are accessibility and a well-designed scale pattern. But objectively, spreading over multiple heads is prettier. This is literally a painted horror in poisonous colors, where toothy creatures that prowl the radioactive forest look at you from all sides with bright eyes.

Apparently, the author was strongly impressed by horror films, or simply wanted to make an unusual skin, which he did brilliantly. And to take possession of this, you need to deposit from $30.

Glock-18 Nuclear Garden

A fairly popular green set of skins in CS GO, which also includes MAC-10, both of which have a souvenir status. We chose the pistol because it has a higher fan base. And don’t forget about the first pistol round, where everyone loves to flaunt a cool gun among teammates.

The design is unpretentious: skulls, bones, skeletons, and the notorious sign of radioactive danger on the forehead. We don’t know why the authors love him so much on bald skulls, but this is the author’s intention.

Nova Soldier

At first glance, the work is not the most interesting, although it is done very well. I immediately recall the toy guns that all the children of the post-Soviet era remember. Simply because there were no others.

The peculiarity of this particular shotgun lies in a large number of Easter eggs, which appear when the wear of the skin increases. If you carefully examine the Nova in the Battle-Scarred condition, a childish drawing of a tank and a shooting man can clearly be seen on its body. It seems like a trifle, but it’s funny. Yes, and worth every penny.

Karambit Gamma Waves Emerald

Let’s be honest. Karambit is the most beautiful design for a knife, invented by the authors of CS GO. Especially if it’s Gamma waves in stunning emerald color. It seems as if it is made of a real gem, and acrid black smoke flows inside the blade. Even though it’s not.

But the price of the toy is frankly adult. The minimum current cost of the skin is from $5500-5700. So get ready to pay for an exclusive item if you want to get it.

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