GrowMeUp – An Intelligent Robot That Can Assist Elderly People With Their Daily Activities

GrowMeUp is a collaborative project aimed at developing an intelligent robot that can assist older people with their daily activities. Its main objective is to support the activities of everyday life. The project partners from eight companies and the University of Coimbra in Portugal developed the robotic system, called GrowMu. The robot was tested on real users in two European countries. If you are interested in obtaining the GrowMu, please visit the official website.

Growing an elderly person’s brainpower can help them stay active and focused. The GrowMeUp app helps users manage their time better. It can be used in the morning or night to remind you of what needs to be done, as well as to organize meetings with other elderly people. The system can be installed on any smartphone and is easy to use. The user can create and edit tasks without any difficulty. The app shows a list of tasks for the day or the week.

Growing elderly populations requires a more specialized online community than the normal social networking site. While there are many different types of aging users, this specialized app is ideal for older people. It records tasks within 2 seconds and provides push notifications. By eliminating the need for heavy equipment, Growmeup helps protect the environment and saves up to two or three notebooks per year! The app provides easy to read usage statistics and time management tips.

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