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Guest Posting Services – How Do They Work?

When choosing a guest posting service, there are several factors to consider. For starters, you should know what sites accept guest posts. You should also check their spam score and monitor their performance. Then, decide what kind of content to offer. If you are looking to get huge return on your investment, a guest posting service is definitely a good choice. Here are some tips for choosing the right service:

Cost of guest posting services

Most US SEO agencies rely on in-house SEO resources, which charge exorbitant rates for their services. These costs are passed onto the client in the form of higher cost of links. The Indo-American concept, on the other hand, aims to reduce link building costs without compromising quality. In fact, this concept is now being implemented by most major guest post sites agencies across the world. So, how does it work? Read on to find out!

The cost of guest posting services will vary according to their level of expertise. An agency can’t write content for all websites, but it can work with blogs. The process can be complex, and the costs can add up. The cost of hiring native writers may be too high. The costs of hiring an agency can be significantly lower. You can also outsource the work to freelancers. Outsourcing agents can’t guarantee results, so you’ll end up paying a lot for poor quality content.

Types of sites that accept guest posts

When it comes to building backlinks, one of the most effective ways is to publish your articles on high Domain Authority (DA) websites. Publishing your article on a high-DA website is not an easy task. Each one has different editorial guidelines, so they can afford to be picky. For example, Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur are good examples of sites that accept guest posts. However, it is important to note that high-DA websites are typically more lenient in the selection process than their low-DA counterparts.

The first step to submitting your article is finding a website that accepts guest posts. Many blogs have a page devoted to guest posting. You can use advanced Google search operators to find these blogs. Once you’ve found a blog that accepts guest posts, you can start researching what topics they are accepting. Many of these sites accept posts from both bloggers and marketers. Listed below are the types of websites that accept guest posts.

Checking spam score of sites

Before you sign up for guest posting services, check their Spam Score. This is an indicator of the website’s trustworthiness. It’s not a perfect science, but it gives you a fairly good idea of what to expect from a guest posting service. The Spam Score is colour-coded to make it easier to judge. Sites with a score of 0-4 are considered low-risk, while sites with scores of 5-7 are considered medium-risk. Any high quality guest post sites with a score of eight or higher is considered high-risk. However, don’t think that every site with a high score is spammy.

You can use the MozBar extension to check a site’s Domain Authority and spam score. Sites with a high spam score are likely to be affected by Google’s updates, so you’ll want to use these tools to check their quality. If you decide to pay for a guest post, make sure to use one that uses a do-follow link. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money on a service that won’t help your site.

Monitoring performance of sites that accept guest posts

A critical part of your guest-posting campaign is monitoring the performance of the sites you’re writing for. These sites may be accepting your guest posts for their own marketing purposes, but you need to make sure they fit into your overall strategy. You can monitor these sites with the help of Alexa’s Site Overview tool, which gives you metrics on the site like Alexa Rank, number of linking sites, and traffic sources. You can also use Alexa’s Site Comparison tool to analyze the performance and popularity of up to 10 sites.

A quality guest post can improve your SEO efforts. Google will reward you for writing high-quality content. Monitoring the performance of sites that accept guest posts can help you to increase your frequency of publishing. Also, guest posting can strengthen your backlink profile, since websites accepting guest posts will include a backlink to your website. Using your SEO dashboard, you can monitor the effect of guest blogging on your SEO strategy. In addition to increasing your publication frequency, you’ll also improve your backlink profile by gaining more high-quality links.

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