Here’s what you need to know about the American Welding Society

Discover what is the American Welding Society and how you, as a professional, can benefit from them

Have you ever heard about the American Welding Society? Founded in 1919, the society — also known as AWS — is a non-profitable establishment that works to enhance technology, science, and the application of allied joining, welding, and cutting procedures, ensuring security to those who are a part of the welding universe.

With almost 70,000 members around the world, their main goal is to support experts in the industry: not only the welders are supported, but also the fabricators, business leaders, sales and service teams, merchants, associations, scholars, educational institutions and committee volunteers have space in the society; then, it’s possible learn more about welding by the several certificate programs related to the welding process.

Doing that, since 1976, when the Certified Welding Inspector first started, they had already approved more than 97,000 welding inspectors, along with numerous professionals and experts in the other certifications.

The AWS is located at Miami, Florida, but already had headquarters at New York when they first started. Even so, the American Welding Society has connected welding societies and experts from all around the world, in an effort to establish high-quality standards when it comes to welding professionals.

What are the benefits of acquiring certification from the AWS?

According to their website, AWS has a very clear mission: “Advancing the science, technology, and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes worldwide, including brazing, soldering and thermal spraying”.

By that, they invest in educating professionals and experts in welding and related works. That’s why having a certification from the American Welding Society is really interesting for anyone who’s trying to have a career on this field: from the welders to the fabricators, from the business leaders to the sales and service teams, merchants and even the associations, scholars, educational institutions…

With the certification, you will show that you had an intense assessment procedure instituted by the Qualification and Certification Board of the AWS, standing out from peers.

We can name a range of benefits alongside the standing out from your peers when you obtain a certification from the American Welding Society:

  • it shows that you’re trying to improve your work as a welding specialist, and, with that, you can have new opportunities in your career;
  • it is a way to show that your experience is validated by a certification and qualification board against an approved set of welding guidelines and standards;
  • it shows that you are qualified to assume a next level position in your career and that you are always looking for new opportunities to learn more. Also, you will have a competitive edge;
  • you will be paid more. Yes, if you have a certification from American Welding Society, you will show that you have everything that is required to become a qualified welder, and those that have more qualification are usually paid more;
  • you will also show to employers that you have advantages when compared to other workers who do not have any certification.

The certification is also useful for companies: as we said before, not only the welders can benefit from the American Welding Society — everyone, from the business owners to the educational institutions, can have benefits of obtaining a certificate.

In the benefits for the companies, you can see the fact that your company will have a mark of perfection for capacitating your employees — something that can be used for selling more: if you have more capacitated employees, what you sell is better if compared to the companies that don’t have any AWS certification.

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