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Home is the place where you learn the essential things in life.

You learn to walk, speak, and love and acquire those values fundamental for coexistence in society. At this time, you are always busy, and family moments become increasingly rare. So, it is important to continue encouraging these seven values ​​in our children. That is our contribution to make the world a better place!

  • You respect

This is the king of values. When you teach your child about respect, you are not only giving them a powerful tool to interact with others. You are also turning on the door for them to have quality relationships with the people around them. Children need to understand the importance of difference.

  • Tolerance

When you understand that you are all different, you establish relationships with others from equality. In this way, recent problems such as bullying will begin to lose weight and importance in the lives of your little ones because they understand that it is worth being different.

Encouraging it in your child is as easy as setting an example. When your child observes that you respect the opinion of others, that you do not criticize those who see you differently all the time, they will learn the importance of respecting the difference.

  • Understanding

If your child understands, it will be much easier to explain the situations and things that frighten you, parents. In addition, this critical value will make your children great companions and friends for other children. This is a value that should not be lost in any family.

Take some time to talk with him about his feelings and yours. Explain your anger to him. It can be more effective than yelling it. Children are always open to learning, and it will be much easier for them and you if you explain what you feel to them.

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  • Commitment

Our children are very exposed to distractions such as video games, social networks, and videos on the Internet. This causes them to be more and more dispersed and lose a slight sense of commitment. Cultivating it will make them more independent and understand that it is essential to commit to their chores and things as important as their education.

For this, it is essential that you accompany your child in many of his moments and that, together with him, negotiate the times for each thing. For example, agree that if you do your homework for 20 minutes straight, you can play your favorite video game for another 20 minutes. So, your son will begin to order his life according to the times of each commitment.

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