How Digital Is Better than Static (Posters) advertising

In a recent study, marketers found that digital media has six to seven times the impact of static posters. Consumers are also five to ten times more likely to respond to dynamic messages. For example, a brand can show highly-visual ads on a TV screen near a product, ensuring that the audience can see and take action. It can also place highly-visible messages in the vicinity of a product. This allows brands to maximize their message without the risk of losing attention.

Moving images also draw attention

A colorful, animated moving image is much more likely to engage customers.  It can either be a digital waiting room display to showcase your latest products and offers or a simple reception screen to welcome incoming customers. The possibilities are endless. The benefits of digital signs are numerous. It may be the most cost-effective form of advertising today. While there are many ways to use static signage, it is important to understand the benefits of moving images. There are several types of advertising for digital signs.

Moving images are more memorable than static posters. The reason for this is that people pay attention to moving images and video. They can also elicit emotional reactions. While most businesses use a combination of static and digital signage, the goals of both types of marketing are the same. The goal of the latter should be to educate, entertain, and engage customers. The former is the most effective medium for selling products. If your goals are simple, you can use a static poster to boost your sales.

When it comes to brand recall

Moving images are easier to remember than static ones. These types of images evoke emotions and engage potential customers. As such, your digital signage can achieve all of these goals: educating, entertaining, engaging, and converting. If you have a video or moving image, your digital signage can reach the largest number of people and have the most impact. However, if you are looking for a way to increase brand awareness and promote sales, digital signage is definitely the way to go.

The biggest advantage of digital billboards is that they can show multiple marketing messages at once. This is a huge advantage for advertisers because people only see ads one in six times. Furthermore, advertisers can choose when their ads are displayed. For example, they can target a specific timeframe, such as early morning commuters or those heading home from work. In addition, static posters are more expensive than digital. This can lead to a lower ROI.

Digital billboards

The major advantage of digital billboards is that they are available 24/7. Unlike static billboards, digital billboards last 8 seconds before they change. This means that you can target your audience anywhere. With digital displays and advertising becoming more apparent within our society, it is forecasted that programmatic advertising will account for more than 60% of all advertising. Therefore, no matter what type of industry you are from, a reputable digital marketing agency can aid you in enhancing your brand’s digital position. billboards, the ad will stay on their screen for longer than a static billboard. In addition to this, digital billboards also allow you to test different placements of static posters.

Among the advantages of digital billboards, it has lower operating costs. It also has higher creative potential, allowing brands to test out different ads in different locations. In addition to this, its long-term impact is much greater. A brand does not need to rely on short-term charm to sustain its business. Instead, a long-term marketing strategy is just as important for your brand. So, before deciding on a type of billboard, remember to evaluate your options carefully.

Static posters have many advantages

For one thing, they are cheaper than digital screens. Moreover, they can be used repeatedly. The only disadvantage is that they require a lot of maintenance. They are also prone to wear out easily, and the content must be updated frequently. And if you want to keep your viewers happy, you should use digital billboards. The audience will be satisfied and your brand will be successful.


A digital display has the advantage of unlimited content. It is flexible, enabling you to change the message and make it more relevant to your target audience. You can also customize the message and target your audience accordingly. This is a big plus of digital billboards. It can reach many different demographics and audiences. The benefits are obvious: Aside from a greater reach, they are more effective in generating revenue.

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