How Does The Cruel Behavior Of Foster Parents Affect A Child’s Health? A 5-Minute Read!

Both emotional and physical traumas have a worse effect on children’s personalities, behavior, and mental health. Children living under the care of foster parents are more exposed to such traumas. The very act of being raised by foster parents is emotional distress for children. Because living away from their loved ones is troublesome, especially for younger kids. Recent research on children’s brain development has shown that maltreatment of children changes the brain’s activity, affecting their behavior and emotional health.

Children under the surveillance of foster parents bear many traumatic experiences such as domestic violence, verbal abuse, emotional tortures, negligence, and physical and sexual assaults. Whatever form the trauma might be, the impact of each trauma is terrible and badly affects the behavior, personality, and sense of safety and security. Child abuse and assault is legitimate crime. Thus the victim of child abuse of their near ones should take legal action against the perpetrators. The victim’s family can also take legal assistance from Kansas city personal injury lawyer. Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney, are professional and experienced lawyers who will do their best to make the victimizer guilty of the crime and bring justice to the innocent victim of child abuse in foster homes.

Few ways in which the cruel behavior of foster parents affect the health of a child

Here are some worse effects of child assaults on children’s mental and emotional health.


Depression is the most common issue in children who have been through assaults and abuse by their foster parents. Emotional and verbal abuse is the most common cause of depression and distress in children. Depression makes the children anxious, inactive, and insecure. Foster parents who neglect their adopted children and humiliate them in public make the children lonely, depressed, and insecure. Depression is a serious mental issue in younger kids, which if not treated on time might lead to serious complications.

Difficulty forming relationships

Another common side effect of foster parents’ cruel behavior on children is difficulty forming relationships with others. Children who remain victims of child assaults for a long time feel trouble trusting others in schools, academy, and even their close family members. Such children like to be alone and don’t participate in healthy activities like games, pick-nick, and other hobbies.

Post-traumatic stress disorders

Post-traumatic stress disorders affect long-term emotional and psychological traumas in children. Post-traumatic stress disorders happen when a child suffers from chaotic and long-term violence by the hand of their foster parents. The most common symptoms of post-traumatic stress are depression, anxiety, feeling of guilt, lack of trust, insecurity, loneliness, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

Self-harming and suicidal thoughts

Self-harming and suicidal thoughts are the most dangerous side effects of child abuse and assaults. When foster parents continuously torture their children physically and emotionally, they become hopeless and attempt to kill themselves. Children are more vulnerable to domestic violence and maltreatment. A small act of negligence or abuse can even put their lives in danger. Suicidal thoughts result from post-traumatic stress in children. Harming children is a legitimate crime, and the perpetrators of such crimes, whether foster parents or some other family members, need to be punished by the law. The close one of foster children can take legal assistance from Personal Injury Attorney Kansas City. A professional and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will compensate the victimizer for his cruel behavior toward the children.

Bottom line

Children are the most sensitive creature on earth. They should be treated with great care and attention. A small act of negligence by foster parents can make them mentally sick and depressed. Also, their cruel behavior has a worse effect on children’s mental and physical health. One act of violence can lead the kids to take their lives. Children are exposed to long-term abuses and assaults because they are vulnerable, insecure, and mentally sick. The justice system has passed various laws to protect foster children’s rights. Thus it is necessary to report the abusive behavior of foster parents towards their children to the police. The near victim can also take legal help from a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will help settle the case through mutual settlements. If the foster parents remain violent and unresponsive to their legal crime, then the personal injury lawyer will end up the case in court. They collect evidence against the perpetrators and make them guilty in court. Contact  (816) 800-9871 to schedule a free appointment with a Kansas City personal injury lawyer for legal help.

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