How to choose a dog for an apartment or house: general rules

When deciding on a dog breed, you need to think about how comfortable your four-legged friend will be in a new home, and how all members of your family will get along together in a limited space. For this reason, at present breeds like doberdoodle is getting popular day by day.

Important points when choosing a dog for an apartment or a country house:

  1. Pet Size
    Smaller dogs tend to be less in need of spacious housing. They can run even in the apartment, and a small square next to the house is enough for walking. However, there are exceptions: for example, beagles are very mobile and require daily long walks. Therefore, there should be a forest, a field or a large park not far from your home.
  2. Dog activity The
    natural qualities of a pet are often more important than its size. So, it will be easier for fighting or service dogs to adapt to small housing. And representatives of security and hunting breeds are better to start in the presence of a country house.
  3. Features of behavior
    If the soundproofing in the apartment leaves much to be desired, a dog that likes to bark can cause disagreements with neighbors. Outside the city, the sonorous voice of a pet, on the contrary, can be an advantage – the dog will warn about the arrival of guests.
  4. Grooming Considerations
    Some breeds require special care, such as regular trimming. Think about whether you are ready to make time for such moments. Also, don’t get a long-haired pet unless you’re ready for the constant cleaning of wool from carpets. On the contrary, a thick fur coat is useful for a street animal.
  5. Attention of the owner
    If you spend a lot of time at work and the dog will be left alone, choose representatives of calm breeds that tolerate loneliness more easily. Even if the pet walks freely on the site, he needs to communicate with the owner.

TOP 10 dog breeds for an apartment: description and content features

So, the possibility of keeping a dog in an apartment to a greater extent depends not on the size, but on the natural qualities of the animal and its upbringing. Get acquainted with examples of breeds that are better to start in the city.

Small dog breeds for apartments

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkies are ideal for apartment life. They are clean, do not shed and almost do not smell. Some owners teach them to go to the toilet in the tray. However, with a lack of movement, communication and new experiences, the character of the pet may deteriorate.

Chihuahuas do not tolerate loneliness well, frequent communication with the owner, short active walks is important for them. It is also important to create a safe environment in the apartment: limit access to household appliances, remove items that can fall and injure a fragile animal.

French Bulldog
An important advantage of French Bulldogs is a balanced disposition. They do not bark over trifles, but they can, like guard dogs, warn the owner of the visit of strangers. If you are planning to have a pet in your bedroom, keep in mind that many bulldogs snore.

Boston Terrier
Representatives of this breed are not accidentally called “American gentlemen.” Firstly, Boston Terriers are very popular in the USA as apartment dogs, and secondly, they have a delicate aristocratic character. They are not inclined to express emotions by barking and to enter into conflicts. Unlike bulldogs, they do not suffer from excessive salivation.

Medium dog breeds for an apartment

Boxers get along well in apartments and large families, get along well with children. Historically, boxers have been accustomed to living in a small area, and they do not need intense physical activity. Two or three walks a day for 30-40 minutes will be enough. In the house, boxers need warm bedding, as they are quite sensitive to the cold.

Irish, English and Scottish Setters are different breeds with common qualities. Bred for hunting, they are now increasingly becoming companion dogs. Setters are clean, calm and, with sufficient walking, are quite suitable for apartment maintenance. The breed is absolutely not aggressive and is very attached to people.

Shar Pei
In the photo, Shar Pei look good-natured and goofy, but in fact they are good defenders and watchmen. These dogs are moderately active, do not need large spaces and can live in an apartment.

Large dog breeds for apartments

German Shepherd A
well-trained German Shepherd may well exist in a city apartment. But do not forget that this is still a large breed. Ideally, an apartment of at least three rooms should be located near a park or other spacious walking area where the dog is free to run and exercise.

Great Dane
Of course, it is best to keep a Great Dane in your own estate, but in some cases the dog will be comfortable in a spacious apartment. With sufficient activity in the fresh air in the house, the dog is imposing and calm. He needs a high place, and preferably a special sofa for sleeping.


Retrievers are excellent companions for adults and children. With proper upbringing, this breed can be easily kept in an apartment, but puppies can cause a lot of trouble for their owners. Young animals need long walks, games and communication, otherwise gnawed slippers may appear in the house.

When choosing a dog, remember that the pet will live with you for 10-15 years. Therefore, try to take into account not only your current situation, but also future plans. The decision to start a certain breed should be as conscious and responsible as possible. We hope now you know how to choose the best for you. Let us know if you have any further query.

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