How to Choose your Favorite Online Slot Game

Online slots are popular casino games played on online gaming sites. If you’re reading this, you may have played at one or two sites, especially since many are available in demo mode. When choosing an online slot game to play, there are some important factors you need to consider. Among them all, a basic understanding of the gameplay including the paytable, is crucial when deciding which slot is your favorite. 

The following tips can help you in making the choice of a slot title

Return to Player Percentage

The Return to Player (RTP) value, also referred to as the payback percentage, shows an estimate of how much you could earn from any particular slot game. The higher your gaming session, the higher the accuracy of the calculations. 

Almost all online slots display their RTP at the bottom of the games screen, specifically those featured on top, reputable online casinos

Slot Type

There are different types of slot games available. A little research on the types available at your favorite gaming site could be helpful. With the number of slots available and technological innovations, you should always catch up on the latest trends. 

The game mechanics (bet size, paylines) and the maximum amount available should be considered also. Paylines of some slots could be as high as 20-25 paylines. You could also come across “lines to win,” an innovative way of increasing paylines. 

Bonus Rounds and Features

Lots of online slots offer impressive bonus features. Slots with progressive jackpots should be given priority. The higher the number of people who wager on that slot, the higher the cash prize. Multiplier jackpots are also another type. This type is dependent on the number of games you play.

You can determine the type of bonus available by playing in demo mode first. A demo mode gives access to all the features of the slot. Here, the difference is you cannot place a withdrawal request for your cash prizes. 

You should also consider the availability of the free spins. Most online slots offer a reduced number of free spins, while a few others offer as high as 50 free spins you can wager on for free. Most free spins bonus features come with a retrigger function, meaning as long as you land those special symbols, the free spins will keep flowing your way. 

Low Variance

You can also consider slot titles with a high RTP but short volatility. While the wins here are smaller, they are also regular, which can maintain the credits. Don’t forget that house edge applies strongly here, and you could lose in the big picture. Low RTP with high volatility can give you those big cash payouts, but it could be long before they show up.

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