How to Edit Gaming Videos for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a haven for gamers around the globe. Do you know that there are more than 35 million gaming channels on the YouTube platform in 2022? Out of all the gaming channels on YouTube, more than 75,000 have around 100,000 subscribers. These stats show the craze of gaming content on YouTube in 2022. If you decide to put your gaming videos on YouTube, this is the right time. However, you need to edit your gaming videos to offer the best viewing experience to YouTube viewers. Read on to know how to edit gaming videos for your YouTube channel in 2022.

Use an online editing tool for your gaming videos

For editing your gaming videos, you need a dedicated online video editor. You cannot share your gaming videos directly after recording them. You need to add some professional editing effects to catch the attention of YouTube viewers. You must have seen gaming videos on YouTube with animations effects, subtitles, velocity effects, transitions, and overlays. Any of these editing effects can be added to your gaming video with a video editing tool. Even if you are an expert gamer, you may be a novice in making videos. A video editor can help you edit your gaming videos easily.

Many gamers have the misconception that they have to spend a lot of money to use a good video editor. There are many free video editing tools to create eye-catching gaming videos. When you finally learn to use a free online video editor in its entirety, you can go for a paid subscription. If you are making gaming videos for the first time, use a video editor with a simple user interface. Using a video editor to make gaming videos will save you time. Not to forget, you will unlock many editing effects to use in your gaming video via an editing platform.

Focus on recording smooth gameplay

Using a video editor isn’t everything you need to make gaming videos. Usually, gaming videos include recorded gameplay and some editing effects. How will a gaming video be compelling if the recorded gameplay isn’t satisfying? Games that do not run smoothly will produce low-quality videos. As a result, you will have to make many tweaks and cuts to get the perfect video. Your epic gaming moment can be ruined if the game does not run smoothly.

You should record games that run smoothly on your device. YouTube viewers might not prefer video content that isn’t visible clearly. Low-quality gaming videos do not collect many views on the YouTube platform. Ensure that you read the device requirements like graphic card and RAM for each game. If you record the games compatible with your device, you can turn them into eye-catching YouTube videos. Glitches in your gaming video on YouTube won’t do any good.

Optimize the length of your gaming videos on YouTube

There isn’t any ideal video length for YouTube, as it is based on personal interests. For example, the ideal YouTube video length for Fortnite (battle royal game) is around 10 minutes. The length can change on YouTube for any other online game. The question is how to get the length right for your gaming video on YouTube. Well, you need to make gaming videos according to the demands of your subscribers on YouTube. If your subscribers want short gaming videos, you should go for 2 or 3-minute videos. You can also make a lengthy gaming video if your YouTube subscribers demand it.

Making a lengthy YouTube video does not mean a gaming video that is two hours long. You need to understand the difference between live streaming and gaming videos. When you stream live on YouTube via your gaming channel, you can take as much time as you want. Viewers on YouTube will keep connecting and leaving your stream based on their leisure. However, when you make a gaming video for your YouTube channel, you cannot make it too long. You need your YouTube subscribers to watch a gaming video till the end. It will happen only when you optimize your gaming video length based on your subscribers’ interests.

Add jump shots to your YouTube gaming video

Jump shots or transitions can make your gaming videos more appealing on YouTube. You can bring together the best parts of your recorded gameplay and add transitions to switch from one frame to another. For example, you can bring your best headshots in PUBG PC together in a single video. You can add an eye-catching transition for switching from one headshot to another. Jump shots can help you remove unwanted elements from your gaming video. 

What is the use of the game loading screen for your YouTube viewers? It is better to cut such scenes in your gaming video and show the real action. There are thousands of jump shots and transitions that can be added to your gaming video. You can use an online video editor to add jump shots and transitions to your gaming video.

Add velocity effects 

Velocity effects are commonly used in many gaming videos. You must have seen slow-motion effects in a gaming video on YouTube. Gamers also use fast-forwarding effects to reach the real action quickly. Velocity effects can make your gaming video more exciting for YouTube viewers. Again, a video editing platform can help you add velocity effects to your gaming video.

Set the mood right with music 

Music is an integral part of gaming videos nowadays. With music, you will target multiple senses of viewers on YouTube via your gaming videos. However, you need to time your shots/cuts/transitions to the music beat for a better viewing experience. You can use a video editing platform to find license-free music tracks for your YouTube gaming videos.

One can start learning basic editing with a free online video editor. Start adding editing effects to your gaming videos in 2022!

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