How to express your anger through text on phone

Text is the best way to communicate with your loved ones. There are various ways to express your feelings, such as in Funny Ways to Answer the Phone chat or in a different emotion. But what if you are angry and want to express yourself in the text that way? It’s essential to know how to behave in a way that makes you angry, regardless of whether you are trying to trick the person into thinking you’re angry, frighten off anyone contacting you, or realize that you could be giving them an impression without realizing it. Inexpensive responses, delayed responses as well as blocked or ignored text messages are all excellent ways to play the game of evasiveness and pretend that you’re mad. Emojis with angry faces, Caps Lock, pointed language, and punctuation makes it appear as if you’re angry at someone for text.

Here are some ideas you can do if you’re annoyed with your friend and would like him to hear about it via text messages.


A simple answer like this is particularly efficient if you’re the person who composes lengthy replies or sends out a ton of messages in general. If he sees your “okay” or “later” text, he’ll immediately know if something’s wrong or not correct. It’s also possible to employ abbreviations that show no feelings and no interest for the reader, like “idk,” “nvm,” or ‘nvm. Be careful not to use these abbreviations for a long time or continuously. If you continue to do this, it’ll become less effective. It will feel like your routine you can ignore because you’ve been doing it often.

Avoid showing any signs of anger through your messages. They shouldn’t appear too harsh. Could you make sure they are straightforward? It’s unnecessary to write each thought you had when you were angry.

Reply much slower

If you typically respond in under an hour, respond within 5-6 hours. Please don’t get caught up in the hype or anything similar whenever you chat with him, as he could believe you’re busy, and that’s why you don’t respond as fast. Girls typically respond immediately to their boyfriends and talk to them regularly. If you limit the communication you have with him, he may begin to wonder what the reason is. If he inquires what you do to make it take you so long to reply, simply tell him that you’re busy or you have more important things to do than just talking to him about irrelevant issues. It’s possible to “accidentally” leave out a nice evening message and then explain to your friend that it was because you “forgot” about it or were asleep. However, your responses are likely to be cold and may require fewer emoticons. Emojis can be used to convey our moods. If you don’t include the emojis in your text and leave the reader confused.

Write in capital letters

This is for people who don’t want to play any mind games and straightforwardly express their anger. Type in capital letters to let them know you are angry at them.

Use aggressive language.

This is for those who do not want to engage in any mind games and want to communicate their anger simply. Use capital letters to inform them that you’re angry with them.

The easiest way to appear upset over text is to use sarcastic or harsh language to convey the message. If you make a statement that is insulting to someone, criticize their actions or declare that you’re angered, being aggressive is the best method of expressing anger. Please use one of these phrases to make it appear like you’re mad.

“Shut up!”

“You’ll have to be sorry!”

“Get lost!”

Express your emotions with emojis or all caps

If your sluggish and infrequent responses aren’t doing the trick, send him an emoji to convey how you feel. Start with an emoji that resembles an eye roll or perhaps a sad” emoji. You can also capitalize certain words in your text to create emphasis.

But remember that the goal isn’t to battle him over text messages. You’re merely telling him you’re not feeling well and must communicate with him. Try not to appear angry by using all capital letters when you text or using the angry emoticon.

Make sure your answers are grammatically correct and punctuated correctly

How can you tell someone you’re angry with them for messages like a true woman? Just write lengthy messages using a tone of distance. Make sure you include every comma and a complete stop. There’s no way to convince him that nothing is wrong when you are sending him these types of messages. If he questions why you’re acting bizarrely, you can explain the situation to him similarly. Be calm and respond with calmness to each message, and don’t be concerned about whether or not the person you are messaging will realize that you’re angry, as he will indeed.


Whatever method you choose will be helpful; however, I suggest you combine the two. Be sure not to be overly rude, and don’t make an effort to cover up your anger. Brief responses that don’t contain emojis but punctually punctuated marks are ideal. However, you can change how you write to him, and you’ll likely achieve your objective. If he’s still not getting it, try using the caps lock, or even start hounding him for a bit. It’s up to you to select which angry text messages to send your boyfriend. They are the most effective choice.

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