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How to Grow Your Instagram Shop with Influencers

The Instagram Shop is an excellent free feature for any business to display its products and drive more sales through Instagram. 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month, demonstrating Instagram’s popularity in the realm of shopping. Also, brands reported a 1,416% increase in traffic and a 20% increase in revenue after using the Instagram Shop. Indeed, these numbers suffice to say that adding this marketing method to your Instagram business account can be a significant game-changer for you. If you have not set it up yet, click here to learn how to do so.

Did you enable an Instagram Shop for your business? If yes, that is fantastic. Now that you are all set up, you can tag your products in Instagram posts and stories. However, it is just the start, not the end of your e-commerce journey. The next step is to promote your shop on Instagram and reach out to your target audience to inform them of your products. Ready to grow your Instagram Shop by using influencers and getting the most out of it? Therefore, continue reading this post to learn how to grow your Instagram Shop with influencers. You can find Instagram influencers on seo marketplace.

1. Reach More Potential Customers 

To get the most out of your Instagram Shop, first, you should reach more potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. Therefore, the goal is not just about getting more followers but finding a relevant audience and making them want to follow you. Given the intense competition on the platform, relying on an Instagram growth service helps you reach more potential customers organically and safely. The service applies advanced filters to grow your desired community on Instagram.

The other most popular method is to reach more potential customers by working with a brand-appropriate influencer whose target audience aligns with yours. Working with a niche-relevant influencer lets you tap into an already established community of targeted followers and significantly increase your leads and sales.

2. Promote Your Brand and Draw Attention to Your Instagram Shop

According to a recent survey by Statista, brand awareness is the top goal for brands that leverage influencers. Collaborating with the right Influencers will increase people’s familiarity with your brand and showcase your products in the best way.

Everyday people get bombarded with promotional content. It makes them tired, confused, and indifferent about an ad. However, some well-chosen influencers can effectively promote your brand and draw attention to your Instagram Shop without seeming overly promotional. Influencer content entertains followers and earns their trust over time. So when they introduce your products, more users are likely to listen to their recommendations and become interested in visiting your shop.

3. Build Credibility & Authority for Your Instagram Shop

Influencers help you build trust and authority, which are critical factors in today’s online business landscape. Generally, brands find it challenging to gain the same level of trust that influencers enjoy. Nevertheless, you can leverage that credibility to grow your Instagram Shop, thanks to influencer marketing.

Here is a pro tip for those who are determined to become Influencers. Becoming an influencer and catching the eye of brands may be enticing. However, be aware that building a highly engaged and loyal community on Instagram is not an overnight success. You must create a highly relevant and cohesive feed around your niche that best reflects your expertise and interest in it. In general, before choosing an influencer, brands review their content quality. Therefore, you should remove those old irrelevant posts that do nothing but undermine your overall content quality.

Additionally, as an influencer, try to stay away from fake or inactive followers because they will lower your engagement rate. Hence, you should audit your Instagram account every so often to understand your followers’ interactions better. Then, you can use an Instagram unfollow audit to remove those IG accounts that serve no purpose for you.

4. Deliver High Conversion and ROI Rates

Influencers can influence consumer purchasing decisions with their authority as opinion leaders. It is mainly due to influencers’ ability to shape the opinions of their audiences about your products or services. It is difficult for customers to trust Instagram shops that brag about themselves. Instead they rely on recommendations from their friends, family members, and of course their favorite and trusted influencers. According to a study by, social media influencers are the most effective and credible source for driving sales. Unlike advertising, promotional content produced by an influencer is more relevant based on users’ interests and provides more personalized experiences.


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Aside from Influencer reviews or unboxings, hosting an influencer giveaway or contest is also a great marketing strategy for small businesses to establish their online presence. If your goal is to grow your Instagram Shop, pick compelling prizes related to your brand or shop.

5. Shopping from Creators

Shopping from creators is another new testing feature that can enhance your Instagram Shop even more. This feature allows Influencers to tag your products directly in their Instagram posts or live and recommend them to their followers. Influencers can also save the Instagram live feed and share it on IGTV to create a replay. That way, followers click on the product tag and view full product details and pricing. Also, by doing so, they can buy it through the brand’s Instagram Shop.

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6. Monitor Your Shoppable posts

To drive more sales, you need analytics. The good news is that you can check the performance of shoppable posts within the Instagram app. It gives you informative insights, like the number of times your products have been viewed or clicked on Instagram. By tracking views and clicks, you can identify buyers’ behavior, provide better products, and improve your sales campaigns over time.

You can monitor your marketing performance in conjunction with influencers to see which shopping posts or influencers yielded the best results so you can promote future posts accordingly.

In case your Instagram Shop’s feed is a mess full of old and outdated content, you should try giving it a fresh look. For this, you should know how to delete all Instagram posts using an IG post deleter.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Shop enables shoppers to buy directly on Instagram without leaving the app. It provides all relevant information that a user may want to know before purchasing a product, including its name, description, price, additional images, or a link to view the product on the website. Therefore, it reduces friction and maximizes the chance of selling.

While setting up an Instagram Shop can be a hassle, the effort is well worth it. It is a huge opportunity for any brand planning to sell products on Instagram. Here, we focused on some ways you can leverage your Instagram Shop via influencers. However, your success largely depends on selecting the right influencers related to your niche and target audience. Otherwise, your efforts will doom to failure. At this stage, you can consult with an experienced influencer marketing agency to maximize the effectiveness of your influencer campaign.

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