How to increase your luck playing slots to be great What must be

How to increase your luck playing slots to be great What must be It is something that the gambler should not miss out on. Because in addition to the necessary slot formulas Learning how to strengthen your horoscope for the prosperity of oneself It will only bring good things into your life as well. especially with gambling activities such as playing online slots games What’s the best trick? That you should know, let’s go and see. How do Payline Slot Games pay us?

How to increase your luck playing slots to be great, can be done as follows:

Method 1: Choose to wear auspicious shirt color. being deceived by oneself

Choosing to wear an auspicious shirt will help attract wealth Auspiciousness for the players themselves The more you wear a cloth that has a color that is lucky with the luck. It will help enhance your luck. Not just in terms of risk-taking. but in terms of negotiating or negotiating or doing anything will be easily accomplished It also makes others fearful. which for the birthday shirt color that is suitable for Slot for online gamblers today are as follows;

  • People born on Sunday (green, black) = attract financial wealth
  • People born on Monday (cream, yellow) = enhance luck, negotiation, and negotiation, making others respect.
  • People born on Tuesday (orange, equal, black) = enhance your luck in the financial business.
  • People born on Wednesday (red, yellow, white) = call money into the pocket
  • People born on Thursday (green) = the color of wealth and money.
  • People born on Friday (green, pink) = money, fortune, and wealth
  • People born on Saturday (red) = smoothness, flexibility, and helps to call money.

Method 2: The direction of play is important.

Chinese people place a lot of importance on the position of the direction. You should pay attention to this as well. If so, that gambling activity can go well. My position here is to avoid the unfortunate direction in gambling games Should choose to sit around the area that is open and not crowded. and should not sit on the wall, the wall near the bathroom, kitchen, near sharp objects, broken things and the key is to play Do not sit with your back facing the entrance door. Because all this will cause the player to lose money. 

Therefore, if you want to make a smooth bet, you should choose to sit in the direction that suits your own luck in order to get money, get wealth, and get rich. in a position with light The light will increase the prestige in receiving wealth, giving the player an aura, and increasing luck.

Method 3: Carrying sacred objects with you for auspiciousness

having auspicious things It is a solution that is used by most gamblers. Auspicious items, in addition to helping to solve the problem, also help to win bets as well. which is auspicious There are many types. outstanding features good luck in different matters dry Jia god It is a symbol of immortality and overcoming obstacles.

octagonal mirror Reflecting the bad things out of your black iron ore The ancient belief that people have the power to absorb the wealth Gourd, auspiciousness, having a lot of wealth money in the pocket Enhance your destiny to be rich

Pixiu, people often carry with them as a device to absorb wealth.

Science of solving Increase auspiciousness, enhance luck, not far away Today there are many players. respecting these And the success in playing gambling games is incredible. But in spite of all that, you should stay on the right track. beware of carelessness to cause more harm than benefit

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