How to Overcome the Challenges You May Face as You Deal with a Domestic Violence Case in Vancouver

Trying to defend yourself against a domestic violence allegation can be quite stressful and emotionally testing. This means you dealing with a criminal case, and you may face alienation from the people you love and care about. And because your accuser is a family member, you will have to overcome e wounds and emotional trauma. Sometimes, your arrest itself can result in a divorce or end your relationship. Plus, domestic violence cases tend to move slowly due to court backlogs. Because of this, you must be patient and work with a reliable Vancouver domestic violence lawyer to achieve positive results. Here are tips to help you get through your case:

Work with an Experienced Lawyer

When it comes to domestic violence cases, there is a lot at stake to just trying to face your charges without a lawyer. A conviction can lead to lifelong impacts on your reputation and capacity to earn an income. Although domestic violence cases are pending against you, they tend to appear on criminal background. This could be a serious problem when it comes to job applications. When you deal with the power of the law, you must have an experienced lawyer by your side to advise you and protect your rights.

Honor the Terms of Your Orders of Protection

You need an attorney to help you review your orders of protection and ensure you follow them. A technical violation of the orders is possible when you contact your accuser. This violation can mean a serious felony charge to face which could complicate your domestic violence case further. When you have access to the right legal advice, you know what not to do, so you don’t violate the orders. 

Stay Out of Trouble

As you face a domestic violence charge, ensure you don’t pick up a new criminal charge. Keep in mind that criminal courts and the State Attorney will look unfavorably upon the accused who picks up arrests. If you want to achieve positive results from your case, stay out of trouble and keep a low profile until the domestic violence case is concluded. This can kind of case can linger on for a maximum of two years if you take part in a family violence program. Thus, ensure you don’t add a new case to your pending case. Your attorney will also advise you against this and will guide you in every step of the criminal process involved in your domestic violence case. 

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