How to play kabaddi

Today there is a huge number of different sports, among which everyone can choose the discipline that will be the most interesting and corresponding to personal preferences. Among the variety of sports areas, there are both those that are known to absolutely everyone in the world and those that have become widespread and especially popular in a limited area.

Kabaddi is just such an interesting, unusual, and very specific game. This game is the second most popular sport in India after cricket. Also, many Indians prefer to supplement their hobby with benefits, trying their hand at predicting the outcome of a certain competition. Betting adds even more excitement, which allows you to combine business with pleasure.

Nevertheless, even in India, not all bookmakers have offers for betting on kabaddi games. If you want to take a direct part in the game and make a personal prediction, you can seek help from Parimatch – a reputable bookmaker not only in the Indian market but also in other countries of the world. So, you can place your kabaddi betting odds after registering in the Parimatch service, choosing the competition you are interested in, and deciding on the presumptive outcome of the sporting event.

Basic rules of the game in kabaddi

Kabaddi is one of the oldest and most popular team games in Asia and incorporates various elements from other games such as tagging and, to some extent, wrestling.

The sport is of Indian origin and is played by teams of seven on a circular court. The main goal of the players is to tag opponents and repeat the word “kabaddi” to demonstrate that they are doing it.

In total, each team consists of twelve players. Seven people are directly on the field, and another 5 are in the reserve. The field on which the confrontation takes place has dimensions of 12.5 MX 10 m, and in the middle, it is divided into two parts by a line. The beginning of the game occurs at the moment when one team sends its “invader” to the given line, and his task is to run over to the other half of the field, which is the territory of the second team, at the right time. He can be on someone else’s territory until the moment when he can shout the word “kabaddi”, necessarily – in one breath. If during this time he was able to touch his opponent’s foot or hand and return to his territory, the team will receive points. The second team has the right to grab him at the moment when he stops shouting the coveted word “kabaddi”.

Today in India there are four types of Kabaddi games: Sanjivani Kabaddi, Amar Kabaddi, Gamini Kabaddi, Punjabi Kabaddi.

In the Parimatch service for kabaddi games, there are many possible bets to choose from. But the most exciting thing about this game is real-time betting, where you place bets on your favorite team as the game progresses (rather than a few hours before the game). One of the main reasons gamblers love real-time online kabaddi betting is because they are watching the game and can place a winning bet at the right time in the process.

When you place pre-match bets, it doesn’t matter if you are watching the game or not. But when you place your bets online, you place them when the match is already taking place at a certain time. This is why you pay more attention to the action, and these bets are usually more correct.

There is nothing more fun than betting on your favorite sport on the go. You cannot sit in front of the computer and wait for the games to start. Moreover, we live in an era of digital transformation, when people prefer to do everything on the go. In this regard, Parimatch offers its customers a convenient mobile application that allows them to place bets on the go in a few clicks.

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