How to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft Using Technology

Vehicle theft is a substantial universal problem. It’s estimated that 1 out of 3 cars will be stolen at some point during its lifetime. But, there are, of course, preventative measures you can take to help protect your vehicle from theft. Technology has advanced to a greater level where your vehicle can be monitored and protected from theft. We will disclose a few tips on how you can protect your car against theft.

1) Install an engine immobilizer system

This prevents someone from hot-wiring or bypassing your ignition. It also helps deter joyriders who might not know how to start a car without one installed on it. An example of this is RFID. This uses radio frequency identification and transponder keys for remote keyless entry systems. The system is not only used for cars but also other devices such as home entry systems.

2. Use GPS technology

This is a single way that technology has provided to protect vehicles from thieves. GPS trackers are affordable and easy to install, so it’s never been easier and safer for you. GPS devices have made theft impossible. Many people think this is for parents to keep track of their children.

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But the GPS Tracking technology applies to many law enforcement agencies and private investigators. It is in a big way to track vehicles. This technology uses a device installed in your car called a GPS tracker. It is also used with an app on your Smartphone which allows you to view the location of your vehicle at all times.

Using GPS trackers will enable you to know exactly where it’s located. In case of theft, you’ll have proof they were driving around town without permission. These devices are great because they can be used for individual and businesses purposes. They provide safety features such as locking the car doors and tracking your fleet’s speed and GPS location.

As long as your vehicle has tracking software installed somewhere inside, your vehicle is safe. Don’t hesitate to buy one because you never know when a thief might try stealing.

3. Using a steering wheel lock

This method secures your vehicle by immobilizing the steering wheel. It prevents thieves from attempting to steal by hitting gas pedals and spinning tires. This will slow them down and help prevent them from stealing your car. But this won’t completely stop it unless combined with other security measures. We recommend connecting with engine immobilizers and GPS trackers.

4. Using automatic keys

This is another advanced technology where the car is not ignited using a standard key. The vehicle senses the key when the person with the key enters. The key attaches right onto your steering wheel, making it difficult for someone to drive off without you being in the car.

If you’re someone who parks on the streets overnight, then this is an excellent option for protecting your vehicle. It prevents thieves from breaking into your windows or doors if no visible key locks are exposed outside of the exterior. The car can be opened using keys that come along with fobs.

All that the thieves can do is break a window and unlock your doors. A separate alarm feature is necessary when running errands during nighttime hours.

5. Using an alarm

Using any type of alarm is ideal. It gives you time to sound off the siren before they can take off. You could be stuck in a situation where no one else is around, and the thief has all rights to drive away with your car at any time. Alarms won’t stop this from happening unless another person sees them doing it.

Make sure you have an immobilizer system installed as well, so not every key works on your car anymore without some kind of authorization first! This way, you are limiting who actually how to start up/drive off with your vehicle.

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Technology advancement has helped to increase vehicle security. There are a lot of security measures you can use to protect your vehicle against theft. Put together the best security features that you can afford to get for your car to be protected.

Using these methods is safer than trying to look for your vehicle after it has been stolen. Consider the most appropriate and affordable method that can safeguard your cars. You never know when the thief can come; take all the precautions.

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