How to Recover a Facebook Account Hacked and Phone Number and Email Changed

If your Facebook account has been hacked and your phone number and email have been changed, you must take immediate action to stop the theft before it is too late. You can recover your account by following these simple steps. First, notify your friends and family who have access to your Facebook account. Next, you should review the settings of your account and update any contact details you have added. Also, you should delete the old contact details that are no longer useful.

If you suspect that your account has been hacked, report the incident right away. This can be done through Help & Support, desktop, or mobile devices. If you’re not sure whether your account has been hacked, you can check your recent devices to see if they’ve been used to log in. If you still have trouble logging into Facebook, you can check if any of your friends have accessed your account.

You can also reset your password via Facebook’s tools. If you’ve been using an old phone or tablet, you’ll have to log out and re-login using your new email and phone number. This way, you’ll be able to get into your Facebook account again without having to give away your current information. To keep your account secure, you can use two-factor authentication. It requires you to enter a code that you receive via email or SMS.

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